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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Chengdu, China

Smiling boy from SOS Chengdu
Smiling boy from SOS Chengdu

A child sponsorship report from Chengdu in China. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

It’s my great pleasure to write you the letter again, as to express our heartfelt thanks for your kind support from SOS Children's Village Chengdu. Recently, one of the hottest topics with some of our sponsors is about the unusual weather. Overheat, nonstop rain sounds to happen all over the world. We are lucky to have unusual mildest weather this summer, although many of the neighboring cities are suffering from bad weather or terrible flood.

The road in front of the Village put into use in July, at last, after years of planning and construction. It could bring us not only the convenient transport, but also the fast development of the whole community. To our kids, the most exciting thing worthy to be celebrated must be that they will be able to take bus at our village entrance.

Now, there are altogether 128 children and youngsters in the village, after 25 youngsters went for their independent life. Then, 6 new kids are going to join us within recent 2 months. Besides, we are planning to recruit more, as there are vacancies left after the youngsters’ independent. In June, 3 high school students took part in the National Examination for University Entrance. Now, we have their scores. 2 of them qualified to be recruited to university, and the rest of them can go to a college school. Congratulations to them all. As encouragement, they will have the chance to visit the World Expo in Shanghai during the summer holiday, sponsored by a company from Beijing.

As so many youngsters are leaving the village this year, it is becoming one of our most important tasks to guide them as they walk into the society. Trainings and personal talks before leaving, housing assist application to their hometown government, small amount of starting fund, recommendation to employment, these are the steps that we are trying to guide them. Most of the youngsters can find a job to live on their own very soon. But in many cases, the job they found could not reach their initial expectations. Life is hard, especially for these youngsters at the beginning of self-reliance, but we believe that they can learn to live a happy life as time goes.

In the first half of the year, we hosted the Village Directors’ meeting and SOS Mothers’ training, in January and April, respectively. As one of the 2 National Training Centres in China, the Village has done this for nearly 10 years. The training Programmes provide us more opportunities to meet colleagues from other cities and exchange experiences on our work. More importantly, the village could benefit from the strong training team built during the past 10 years training. The professors and researchers in the training team gave us many precious suggestions and good solution to our practical difficulties.

We got good news this year. The company of LV confirmed a donation for building an Activity Hall in the village, about 400 m2. Now, the preparations of the project have been taken into action. As planed, the Activity Hall will be completed in next June. Then, we could have much better conditions to run different kinds of activities.

Thank you again for everything you have done for the kids and the village.

Best wishes to you.

XIA Linhua(assistant village director)

HE Sheng(village director)