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SOS calls for mothers to be sponsors for Mother's Day

SOS mother and child from Gulu, Uganda
SOS mother and child from Gulu, Uganda

For Mother's Day, why not give a sponsorship gift that will help SOS Children to support more mothers, helping children around the world?

Mother's Day is this Sunday on April 3rd. It is a day for a child to show appreciation for the dedication of their mother.  Yet many children around the world do not have a mother to remember on Mother's Day.  Why not buy a gift for your mother this year that will help SOS Children continue to provide a mother's love and affection to children in need?

SOS mothers like Nora and Amra work full time to provide for their children.  They do everything a real mother would, they care for their children, laugh with their children, discipline their children and celebrate with their children. SOS mothers are like real mothers, they are wholly dedicated to their children and offer unconditional love.

Have you decided what to buy your mother yet?

A charity donation can be a really rewarding gift for your mother. Both you and your mother will know that you have made a difference to the lives of others. We suggest a Village sponsorship, a regular donation where you can help our SOS Children's Villages provide the means to help SOS mothers do their best for their children. A regular commitment is the best way to help our work, it offers long term stability and helps us to plan for the future. If you choose a Village sponsorship, tell us on the special instructions box that you want the donation to be a Mother's Day gift.

A mother's training costs approximately £116 a month.  A one-off donation, however big or small, can make a real difference to our work.

Alternatively, your mother may appreciate a gift of child sponsorship. Your mother will receive information about her sponsored child, and will receive regular updates about the child.  Just tell us on our secure special instructions form when you choose to sponsor a child (you can also tell us where to send the pack).

The gift of motherhood is a precious gift, find out more before this Mother's Day and make it possible for more children to receive the gift of motherly love.