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Japan tsunami: SOS Children projects safe

Japan tsunami: SOS Children projects safe

SOS Children's only Village in Japan in Fukuoka, 1,100 km south-west from Tokyo, is safe following the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

The tremor, measured at 8.9 by the US Geological Survey, hit last Friday at a depth of about 24km. Japanese police have so far confirmed 1,597 deaths, but the final toll is expected to be much higher.

Fears of a nuclear disaster in Japan were heightened today with reports of a second explosion at Unit 3 of the stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi number one plant after an earlier blast at Unit 1.

Fortunately, our project in Japan has not been affected by the earthquake and tsunami although, as you can imagine, our people there are in a state of shock and worried about families and friends.

It’s too early, of course, to know whether we’ll need to open more Children’s Villages in Japan as a result of children losing their parents. And, although SOS teams are currently on standby to go to Japan to help with emergency relief if needed, we have the funds to pay for them, thanks to previous generous support.

If, however, you do wish to contribute to our projects further at this time, we still need emergency support in less-resourced Haiti, where – just over one year on from the earthquake – we are still working to provide frontline services to people who remain homeless.

The first SOS Children's Village was opened in Japan, in the historic city of Fukuoka in late April 2010. You can read about the opening of the Village.