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Over one million Egyptian children are orphans. Many are forced to work for a living. Cotton picking often means an 11-hour daily shift in temperatures of up to 40 degrees. We provide a family, education and healthcare for orphans in Cairo and other vulnerable children so that they can enjoy a proper childhood. … more about our charity work in Egypt

Egypt: Villages safe and schools have now reopened

Egypt: Villages safe and schools have now reopened

After attacks by looters in early February, the situation in the SOS Children's Villages in Cairo and Alexandria has settled and children are returning to school.

All the children, SOS mothers and staff, are safely on the premises which are guarded by security staff 24/7. As a precautionary measure, the SOS Schools and Nurseries had been closed, but are now reopened for lessons.

Following 18 days of mass protests in Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak resigned on 11 February. The military are now in power and have taken over the administration. Although the main protests in Tahrir Square have dispersed and the situation is generally much calmer, there are still significant numbers of protests and strikes by workers accross the country demanding better pay and working conditions.

Situation in the SOS Children's Villages

In Cairo, the situation in residential districts is relatively calm. The SOS Children’s Village is located in Nasr City, a district of Cairo established on a hilly site in the residential area of Heliopolis on the north-eastern edge of the city (some 45 minutes from the city centre). All SOS children and young people are staying within the safety of the Village.The Family Strengthening Programme in Cairo had been temporarily suspended, but has now resumed work with community organisations in the city.

At the SOS Children’s Village in Alexandria, all children and SOS mothers are well and safe. The Village Director, who was injured during an attempted break-in by looters, is recovering. The security situation in Alexandria remains stable. Shops are open and transportation is operating normally. 

The teenages of both Villages are staying in the Youth Homes together with the SOS youth coordinators. They have been provided with necessary items and can access local shops.

The SOS Children's Village in Tanta, in Egypt’s 5th largest city, is operating as normal.

Schools and universities which shut down during the unrest reopened on 20 February. SOS children from Cairo, Alexandria and Tanta have now returned to school and have settled quickly into the classroom routine. Teachers are keen that the children's learning should not be disrupted, and are making efforts to catch up for lost time.


Bahrian and Libya

SOS Children do not currently have any Children's Villages or projects in Bahrain or Libya.