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In Laos, a staggering quarter of the population live in poverty, while most children face countless hardships every day. Life in the countryside is particularly bad. SOS Children's Villages has been increasing our role in the country since beginning work in Laos in 1995 … more about our charity work in Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Vientiane, Laos.

Young girl from SOS Vientiane
Young girl from SOS Vientiane

A child sponsorship report from Vientiane in Laos. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

It is our pleasure to express our deepest thanks and great gratitude for your generous support to our SOS Children’s Village Vientiane. We would like to present our progress report from January to June of year 2010 on the recent event in our SOS Children’s Village Vientiane to you.

Our village has provided now 187 children in total (65 girls and 122 boys) in which 03 of them were newly admitted into village in the mid - February such as “Ny” a nice 8 year old girl, into family house no. 01; in March “No” and “Na” as 2 siblings in 6 and 4 year old boys into family house no. 11. They came from the remote area of Khammouane province which is located in the middle of our country. At present 113 children (49 girls and 64 boys) are living with their SOS mothers in the village, 20 boys at youth house and 54 (16 girls and 38 boys) at hostels and boarding school. The boys and girls from boarding school came to visit their SOS family regularly and vice- -versa their mothers also went to visit them from time to time.

For the academic year 2009-10 all of 186 children are still enrolling in different level such as : 11 kids (3 girls and 8 boys) in Nursery, 64 in primary level, 51 in secondary level, 23 in Colleges, 35 in university, 02 boys in Vocational schools, 01 mentally disability girl at home . The closing of academic year 2009-10 for our SOS Nursery, the primary and lower secondary level was held at the end of May. And the higher level will be finished respectively at the end of June and July, in which our 6 children will complete their education with bachelor degree, 7 with diploma and 4 with certificate.

Some of our children have joined actively the school activities such as:  football, volley ball, rattan ball competition and music, dance contest with other schools in district level. Sometimes they could get a praising prize.

On 1st June as the International children’s Day and National Tree Planting’s Day, the village has organized together with the SOS School Vientiane the great ceremony with honorable participation from the Minister of social and labor welfare, Madame Onechanh Thammanouvong, so-known as President of our SOS Lao Committees and her Delegations, the authorities from education department and the Association of the guardians or student’s parents.  On that day our Village Director, Mr Boonmee Seepelom, had presented the history on International Children’s Day and the activities of our SOS children during the year 2009. 17 best students from SOS School have received as reward from our President the nice presents, sport materials and cookies. Furthermore, that Day was meaningful by planting the trees together with the honorable delegations. The paying visit for SOS family No 04 of our guests belonged also of our programme to know how our children live and learn. The ceremony was ended with joy by the entertainment performance from our SOS Nursery kids and the primary students of SOS School Vientiane.

Dear Sponsors and Dear Friends, on behalf of our children, village mothers-aunts and all of us here, may we take this opportunity to send you our deepest thanks and warmest regards. Your generous support and kind help are meaningful so much for our children. You have given them the new life and the good future. In addition it enables us to continue our works. We pray in every evening for all of you to have a good health and peaceful life.

With our best regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Daovone Choumlivong

National Sponsorship Coordinator