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During fighting in Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia in 2008, SOS Children's Villages cared for refugee families in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi as well as families from the area of Kutaisi. SOS Children's Villages provided families with food, clothing and emotional support … more about our charity work in Georgia

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Tbilisi, Georgia

SOS mother with child at SOS Village Tbilisi
SOS mother with child at SOS Village Tbilisi

A child sponsorship report from Tbilisi in Georgia. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

As half of the 2010 year has passed, we would like to inform you about the life in SOS Children’s Village Tbilisi and Youth Homes during this period. On behalf of our children, SOS families and co-workers we would like to thank you for your efforts.

SOS Children’s Village Tbilisi has already been functioning 14 years. At this moment there are 78 children living in the 12 family houses. 2 youngsters are moving to the Youth Homes in July. They are well prepared for starting new life. They consider that moving to the Youth Home will change their life noticeably.  During the year they were actively involved in the preparation process, in the last period underwent trainings: sexual education and professional orientation.

All the year round the psychologists worked with them and with other youngsters on the topics: team working, adaptation with society, starting new life and etc. Besides trainings and lectures, they got practical knowledge for improving their social skills. SOS Village is planning to prepare small party to see the youngsters off.

Each year on 3rd of March Georgian people celebrate Mother’s day. This day is mostly important for mothers. On 4th of April we celebrated Easter. It is children’s distinguished celebration. On Holy Thursday, we paint Easter eggs using our traditional method of boiling onion peels and scraps of silk together with the eggs. Painted eggs are a universal symbol of Easter, but in Georgia they take on even greater significance.

The reconstruction works have been done in our village. We changed the balconies, painted the roofs and houses and bought the new boiler. 

SOS children go to the nearby secondary school N170 where Pilot project continues functioning successfully. The quantity of classes and subjects were elected according to the needs of our children. SOS children are involved in this project together with other school children with enthusiasm; they participated several times in different presentations and activities that were hold at school attended by the guests from different schools.

Additional classes of the village are functioning effectively, mothers and children are very pleased and they say that these classes really help children to improve their educational level. Children attend English, Russian, drawing and singing classes.

Tamar and Natia were taken in Turkey as successful pupils from school. Olympiad was held by educational centre and our child Natia won courses in Mathematics and English Language free of charge during 3months and got accomplishment. Our Village director praised her as a successful pupil and as a good example to other children.

During the summer holidays most of the children were with their biological families. Those children who stayed in the Village, Mothers took them in the city in different activities and also to the swimming pool.  According to the Children’s day Georgian writer’s association brought different kind of sweets and very useful books for each house. They conducted performance for children, sang songs and told rhymes.

Currently, two Youth Home’s are operating in Tbilisi. 11 youngsters are living in the Youth Home I and also 11 youngsters in the Youth Home II, some of them have already started vocational training courses, some get higher education and some of our youngsters got married. In order to be more competitive on the labour market they study secondary profession, most of them have already found jobs and got working experience.

With the support of the qualified youth workers, the young people develop realistic perspectives for their future, learn to share responsibilities and start making decisions on their own. They are encouraged to develop team spirit and maintain contacts with relatives and friends, as well as with the relevant authorities and potential employers. Also Youth Home pedagogues have permanent contacts with the youth that have moved on the semi-independent life.

Main accent is done on making youngsters aware that our support is not permanent and they should use every minute purposefully, master some profession and life skills in order to manage living independently and different kind of trainings were hold by psychologists for that reason. Unfortunately we still have unemployment in our country problems which is quite problematic for our youngsters.

Play Bus Project continues functioning very successfully. Kids are enjoying every moment in play Bus activity not only playing with different materials but also with being a part of a special programmes (circus, competition, theatre). It makes them grow self-confident, be part of the team, get acquainted with lots of children. Also they are learning different games. When Play Bus appears at the activity places, lots of children are waiting there already. After activity play bus team receives lots of thank you words not only from children, but also from the parents and people who just pass through activity places and see great joy of kids. Play Bus team members are already recognized in the streets even without the bus. 

We appreciate greatly all you are doing for our organization.

May God Bless You And Watch Over You Forever!

Village Director
Otar Ninua