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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Putian, China

A child dancing in SOS Putian
A child dancing in SOS Putian

A child sponsorship report from Putian in China. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

This year is the 10th anniversary of our village, and many kids have grown into the young men and young ladies. We are so glad to see them grow mature and independent.

SOS Children’s Village Putian

As you know, the SOS Village is a big family compared to the normal family in nowaday China, with 15 homes, more than 100 children. We are working hard to offer them a reliable and warm family relationship, to make our children proud of SOS family, through our “a big family” activity:

In the new year of 2010, we had a fun game. The children and mothers were encouraged to choose their partners among the whole village to participate in different groups: mother and children, mother and mother, children and children. They selected their captain, and under his/her leadership they worked as a team. On “March 8” Women’s Day, all the female staff went on a short trip to Xiamen city (a neighbourhood city) by bus with the help of the male staff looking after the families. So the SOS mothers could have a day free to relax, to communicate more with each other. On Arbor Day the mothers, the children aged over 14, the co-workers and the volunteers planted about 400 fruit trees of carambola, papaya and peach, which were presented by the City Farming Science Research Institute. The trees were just like the SOS kids, we were planting the same hope, sweating on the same field, expecting the same harvest.

Schooling is very important for the children. In order to help the children to improve the study efficiency, we keep regular contact with the teachers, to know the children’s performance at school and find ways to guide them accordingly at home. To invite the teachers to visit the Village and have them understand the children more. To introduce the Mindmap study method to help the children to summarize and memorize the knowledge and the key points of the courses.

On “June 1” Children’s Day, we have a party “I host my holiday” with the help of the media and the department stores, creating a stage for the children to share the holiday with other children from the neighbourhood, to have a talent show, to watch movie, to play the video game.

To promote the SOS idea, to make the public know what our children need and face, we keep close to the media including the newspaper, TV, and the internet. We put the donation boxes with a short while clear introduction of SOS idea in the big supermarkets. On the traditional festival, we invited the media and the people to come and visit the SOS Village.

To help the children to enhance the blood bond with their relatives, we encouraged them to have a visit and work with their relatives in the summer vacation. Most of our children came from the poor area. To compare the lives in the Village and in their hometown, it would make them cherish the life here and work hard for the future.

SOS Youth Home

At present there are 45 boys in the Youth Home. This June four boys took part in the National College Entrance Exam. Since more and more young men are on the way of independence, to help them to set up the financial view, we helped every young man to create an individual financial account and made them spend their limited money according to the actual need and learn to save money for the future use.

Since the boys are having their own views of life and value, and during the process there would be a lot of confusion. The teachers would have regular talks with the boys to give them advice in the life and study. In May we had a lesson on how to behave properly and charmingly in the daily life among the young men. Once the children had achieved some progress, they would be awarded in time and properly.

SOS Nursery

There are over 140 kids (including 4 from our SOS families) receiving day care in the SOS Nursery. This June the Nursery held an Evening presented by the kids of third year who were going to graduate, the lively performance has brought a lot of laughter from the parents. In the holidays, the teachers also give extra trainings for the kids in the SOS families, such as the painting, singing and dancing.

Zeng Suqiong (曾 素琼)
Village Director
SOS Children’s Village Putian, China