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Despite a growing ecomomy, Thailand's children face many risks. HIV/AIDS has orphaned many, leaving them in danger of homelessness and forcing them into work. Many fall prey to sexual exploitation and trafficking. We support families in five locations and provide care to those who have no one else. … more about our charity work in Thailand

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Phuket, Thailand.

Child and mother from SOS Phuket
Child and mother from SOS Phuket

A child sponsorship report from Phuket in Thailand. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

First of all we would like to say thank you very much for your kind support you are giving for SOS Children's Village Phuket. Your help give the opportunity to our children to experience on happy childhood and healthy development as every child deserve it.

At present there are 121 children at SOS Children's Village Phuket;  69 of them are boys and 52 of them are girls.  Two biological siblings have opportunity to return to live with their original family.

After, SOS Children's Village was opening on 26 January 2009 until now. The village has been added to construct of library building for the children to get more beneficial to learn and to search for knowledge.

Criteria of school-record of children in the village, most children that the village has been supported who ever studied in small school which the media education has not advanced comparing to others schools in Phuket area. Thus, many children have poor academic performance; most of them have problems in reading and writing, they need taking more times to adjust with schooling and how to learn.  The village has arranged additional classes for children to support their knowledge.  However, some of them have good academic performance and the scores of these groups are in between GPA 2.11-3.70.

In 2010, two children finished in primary school level 6; one can entrance into provincial school and the other attended administrative organization school.

Outstanding performance of children

1. 'Maey', she has the award winning of the competition reading of rhythm of prose.

2. 'Kaew', she has won the gold medal of storytelling competition in theacademic contest at under Sub-district Administrative organization school in South level and now, she is a representative of the Southern to compete in the national level in Bangkok-centre at the end of the year 2010.

Village Activities

5 December 2009:  provided the practice of dharma activities, planning trees, holding candles blessing upon the royal charity of the King on his birthday's occasion on 5 December 2010.

31 December 2009:  New Year's Eve activity.

3 January 2010:  joined to make merit with offering rice dry food to Buddhist monks for welcome the New Year.

9 January 2010:  joined in National Children's Day activity; tripped to the Navy Region camp to watched in 'Bangpakong' Royal boat exhibition and visited the national zoo and participated in the activities with Phuket Provincial Administrative organization in Public Park.

14 February 2010:  participated in inherit of Chinese's tradition activity with the community at BangKu joss house opposite to the village.

2-4 April 2010:  leaded  37 children to ordain as Buddhist novice during summer vacation at the temples.

4 April 2010:  leaded two Moslem children to have a traditional religious ceremony at a mosque.

13-15 April 2010:  joined in Songkran's Day (water play) activity.  The whole village made a merit by food offering to Buddhist monks and novices.

27-28 April 2010:  joined in the trip to Krabi province to relax with beach games and swimming over there.

6 May 2010:   leaded children to participate in playing sport with the student at British International School.

13 May 2010:  participated in mangrove planting which in Ploughing Ceremony Day as well as to reduce global warming.

13 May 2010:  leaded children to learn swimming with the student at British International School.

28 May 2010:  leaded children to participate in walking with lighted candles in hand around a temple, visiting museum at a temple on the occasion of Wisakha Bucha Day.

3 June 2010:  arranged mother training; the topic is" making small solution".

20 June 2010:  provided SOS's Day activity.

SOS Nursery

This new academic the orientation / parent conference was on 17 May 2010.    Currently, SOS-Nursery in Children's village Phuket has 56 students (31 boys and 25 girls), the details are as following;

18 students in level 1;   8 of them are SOS-children and 10 of them are neighborhood.

17 students in level 2;   4 of them are SOS children and 13 of them are neighborhood.

21 students in level 3;   13 of them are SOS-children and 8 of them are neighborhood.

We hope to keep countingon you as sponsor for a long time, and wish you a lot of happiness and healthy.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Wantana Sethadej   

National Sponsorship Co-ordinator

SOS Children's Village Thailand