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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Pedra Bonita, Brazil

SOS mother and child
SOS mother and child

A child sponsorship report from Pedra Bonita in Brazil. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

It is a great pleasure for us to tell you what we have been doing this year in SOS Children’s Village Pedra Bonita.

We would like to point out we have reached our goals regarding Children's and Adolescents' Rights, advocating on their behalf, because of people like you that trust and believe in our work. January is summer school vacation time here in Brazil and our children and teenagers take advantage of it to visit their biological families, play all day long, go to the beach or mall, and sleep until late in the morning. Their favourite beach is Barra da Tijuca since it is very near of the village, about 20 minutes on foot. There they can lie down on the sand, enjoying the sun, take a sea bath or build castles on the sand, for instance.

Soon after vacation came Carnival. Time for joy and happiness and a very busy time here since people all over the world come to Carnival. This year our children and teenagers took part in some Carnival blocks [bloco or block is a group of people who dress in costumes or special t-shirts according to certain themes or to celebrate the Carnival. Bloco is generally associated with particular neighbourhoods or suburbs and include both a percussion or music group and an entourage of revelers] that had their parade on Barra da Tijuca beach. They had a great and funny time!

Of course we know that Easter means much more than simply chocolate eggs and holiday, but for children Easter is a time just for giving and receiving chocolate Easter eggs. So everybody spent all week very anxious to get Easter Sunday and have chocolate. This year we had a different celebration. An Easter bunny gave the chocolate eggs to the children who played and had fun. Also on Easter Day we had the visit of Mr. Helmut Kutin, President of our Organization. He was welcomed by children and SOS mothers with a lovely party and a performance of the SOS children’s Village Jacarepaguá’s Youth Choir. It was a very happy and touched experience seeing children playing happy with their eggs and youths singing.

As dengue is a constant concern and a major public health problem for us and since the village is placed in an urban part of the Tijuca Forest, children from 8 to 10 years old participated of a lecture on dengue focusing on preventive measures to fight against it.

On May 5th , together with Mother’s Day, we celebrated 15th anniversary of SOS Children’s Village Pedra Bonita. It was organized a party with music, food and drinks for children, teenagers, SOS mothers and co-workers entertainment. Stephany, Camilly, Juliana, Milene, Ingrid and Isabelly performed a special show for the mothers, singing and dancing. It was baked a lovely birthday cake and served hot dogs, pop-corn, ice-cream and sodas. Each and every children and teenagers helped to organize and decorate the party.

On May 3rd , we welcomed 150 youths that took part in the Children and Adolescents Forum, held in Mendes, Rio de Janeiro state. All of them had lunch here in the village and took a walk to see the entire village. They were from several regions of Brazil and it was a very important meeting for them. Our representative in this Forum was Fabiano, who had a important role during the meeting since he was speaking for all children and teenagers from all villages in Brazil.

For Football World Cup 2010, children and teenagers were very excited decorating the entire village with yellow and green hoping for a beautiful game and the Cup. Each match everybody cheered and celebrated after, but unfortunately our team stopped in the middle of the championship.

In June, children and teenagers took part in an event at Maracananzinho, a Judo Championship. Together with the SOS mothers, 50 children and teenagers from 12 to 16 years old get in a rented bus towards the gymnasium. It was a magnificent day for them and an opportunity to integrate with other children.

Currently, we have 85 children and teenagers thanks to your support and care and belief of a better world for our children and that they can have a better future.

We know that the path we walk is always a challenge but our steps are determined with satisfaction and will-power towards to changes that will certainly contribute to the improvement of the actions for the assisted families.


Enéias Palmeira Joyce Correa Márcia Lenise Bertoletti

Village Director Social Worker National Sponsorship Coordinator