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Burkina Faso's second SOS Children's Village at Bobo-Dioulasso, near the western border with Mali was opened in 2004. It has twelve family houses for 120 children, a three-room nursery school for 150 children, a combined primary and secondary school for 900 children and a clinic for both the local people and the SOS families. … more about our charity work in Burkina Faso

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Dafra, Burkina Faso

SOS mother and child
SOS mother and child

A child sponsorship report from Dafra in Burkina Faso. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

For this year 2010, SOS Children's Village Dafra is almost full with the admission of five new children on last February 11th. The number of children then went up from 115 to 119; 74 boys and 45 girls.  From this staff, 118 children go to school, 18 of them at SOS Nursery and 100 at SOS School. Only a one year old child does not go to school.

This year, the number of children in the SOS Nursery has slightly increased. They are now 215, 109 boys and 106 girls. A hundred and ninety-seven of them come from the surrounding underprivileged family. The SOS Nursery closed its pedagogical activities on Friday June 11th. From all the sections, the little ones offered to the public artistic and cultural impressive performances.

As for SOS School, over a global staff of 892 pupils, 100 children come from the village with 97 at the primary school and three at the secondary one. We have not yet got the end of year results. In the 1st and 2nd term, the village got 77.5% and 85 % of success.

About the admission of five new children, their welcome on February 11th 2010 in the village was the object of a celebration of all the village people.

As for the Family Strengthening Programme, there are 243 beneficiaries and a 116 indirect beneficiaries coming from 59 underprivileged families in the SOS Children’s Village immediate surrounding.

During the 2010 first half year, the village, the SOS Nursery, the Family Strengthening Programme, and SOS School led the following activities, involving the children directly or indirectly and the surrounding community.

On the health level, the situation of the children remains globally unchanged. The five new children benefited on last February from consultations followed by a medical check-up, a vaccination against meningitis AC. The youngest one received the DICP+Hepatitis+Hemophilus.

In the framework of the collaboration with World Food Programme (WFP), the village and the Family Strengthening Programme have received some gifts of micro nutriments for a child in the village and for the Programme beneficiaries children aged from zero to 36 months.

On the socio-educative, pedagogical and economic level, diverse activities have been led in order to take adequate charge of the children. From all these activities we can note:

The multiple meetings of consultations initiated by the Family Strengthening Programme with microfinance institution of the place (la caisse populaire) with the aim to permit its beneficiaries to get access to micro credits to undertake income generating activities. In the dynamic, we note the continuation in producing solid and liquid soap by the Programme beneficiaries of their own consumption and for selling. Most of their prospective clients come from the surroundings community. We also have the teaching of how to read and write, sensitizations and educative chatting (the children’s rights, contraceptive methods, undesired pregnancies).

In the framework of the Child’s protection Policy, a person the children have confidence in has been elected by the children in all the structures of SOS Dafra (SOS Children’s Village, SOS Nursery, Family Strengthening Programme, SOS School) in last March.  In order to look for the quality in the children management at SOS Nursery, pedagogical days were organized to the profit of the educators on January 29th, on March 12th in the district of Bobo-Dioulasso about the theme: Language/receipts - Language/stories.

These meetings were also opportunities to exchange experiences with the colleagues from other structures. In order to use the rooms of the Nursery at full time, SOS Children’s Village and Family Strengthening Programme receive a preschool training in the afternoons from 3pm to 5pm. Always for the blossoming of SOS Nursery children, excursions were organized by the Educators to the children’s profit.

  • Visit of the airport
  • Visit of the firemen squad
  • Visit of a super market (Marina Market).

About the sewing workshop, it continues to offer an initiation and consolidation programme in sewing to the intention of SOS Children. During the first half of the year 2010, the programme concerned about thirty SOS Children divided into two groups according to their learning level.

The half of the year theme for group n°1 was about (the knowledge and use of the sewing machine). As for the group n° 2, their activities were leaning on two themes:

  • The knowledge and use of sewing accessories,
  • The cutting notion.

In matters of sport, the village children who practice judo took part in friendly meetings with ‘l’Ecole nouvelle’ and the ‘gendarmerie’ clubs in January and February; these two matches strongly prepared them for the regional championship from 15th to 16th May and a national wide competition named ‘USSUBF’ (School and University Sportive Union in Burkina Faso) from 22 to 24 April in Ouagadougou (capital city of Burkina Faso). At all these meetings, the village children were well distinguished. At the USSUBF, two of our children imposed themselves and won the 1st rank in the junior category (a girl and a boy). This victory won by the children brought them prizes in nature, money and a participation certificate.

As for the SOS Youth Home, the present number of youth is 103, 53 girls and 51 boys. The young people participated with much interest in meeting organized by the Home. They made an outing at ‘Bangréwéogo’ a national park where they took part in an educational talk on nicotinism and sexuality.

The Youth Home guides and supports youth who want to set their own business. They are now 18 youth. Twenty young people followed training in theatre. They want to create an artistic troupe with the ambition to make the promotion and protection of child’s right in their surrounding and rural area. By doing this, they hope to be actors in the fight for the protection of the child.

With the commitment of all, SOS Children’s Village of Dafra, the Family Strengthening Programme, the SOS Nursery, the SOS School in Dafra and the Youth Home are pursuing their activities. We thank you.

Célestine GUENDA

Sponsorships Coordinator

*NISSONDYA: means lively company in the language spoken in Bobo-Dioulasso