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Working in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek since 1999 and in Cholpon-Ata, on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, SOS Children's Villages cares for children affected by high unemploeyment and works with families to prevent child abandonment … more about our charity work in Kyrgyzstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan

Girls from SOS Children's Village Cholpon-Ata
Girls from SOS Children's Village Cholpon-Ata

A child sponsorship report from Cholpon-Ata in Kyrgyzstan. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

We are glad to welcome you and we express our deep respect and gratitude for your support and contribution for establishing the prosperous future for our children. With pleasure we would like to share you information about our SOS Children's Village Cholponata, our children, their achievements and the important events happened within the village for the last period.

As you might know from news the political situation in our country is unstable after the revolution happened on April 7, 2010. As a consequence the ex-president of the country has taken to flight. More than 100 people died and over 1500 are still in hospitals.

As the common people has suffered from the revolt against the government the workers of SOS Children’s Villages Kyrgyzstan including the SOS Children’s Village Cholponata and other SOS facilities in Kyrgyzstan decided to render help injured people in hospitals. Thus, all co-workers have collected money and have bought medicine for wounded people of two hospitals in Bishkek.

But it was not the end of misery. Recently in the south of the country an interethnic clashes took place where approximately 2000 people died and over 1000 people are injured.  Hospitals are overcrowded by wounded people. The transitional government does it’s best to stop the violence and stabilize the situation in the country. On 27 June 2010 a referendum is expecting to be held in Kyrgyzstan.

Hopefully both SOS Children’s Villages in Kyrgyzstan are unaffected by the revolt and interethnic violence. This year we have admitted 6 new SOS children and now there are 76 children in our SOS Children’s Village Cholponata. They live in atmosphere of love and respect. 19 teenagers are living in the SOS Youth Home in Bishkek getting their future professions at different colleges and universities, acquiring social and live skills.

By the end of May 69 schoolchildren attended the local school, and 7 children attended the SOS Nursery.  Most of our schoolchildren show good academic results at school. This academic year 10 teenagers have finished the 9th grade and some of them are going to enter the colleges according to their Individual Development Plan.

After lessons our children attend additional courses such as choreography, ecological and needlework clubs. Thus, two girls from our village have won the first place in a regional Olympiad on needlework. Another boy took the third place in regional competition on fine arts.  Four of our children were honored to take part in a president’s New Year party in Bishkek for their excellent academic achievements.

In the frame of educational programme for children elder 15, trainings on sexual education, prevention of alcoholism, drugs and HIV/AIDS were organized.

During winter holidays all children went to a ski base situated in Karakol. (Karakol is 140 km far from the village). They had an opportunity to drive on a sleigh and had much fun. All children, even co-workers were very impressed visiting such a beautiful place and seeing snow-capped mountains.

In order to develop and increase SOS mothers’ professional level we have organized trainings with participation of skilled external trainers. Themes of trainings were discussed with SOS mothers; therefore trainings were interesting and useful for them. In December, 2009 SOS mothers, SOS aunts and pedagogical staff of the village took part in the out of office training held in the resort ‘Issyk-Kul Aurora. In addition to it they were able to participate in such trainings as ‘Positive thinking’ and ‘Period of adaptation of new children’.

The SOS Nursery will continue its work as the problem of co-financing by local authorities for 2010 was solved. At present the Nursery is going for summer vacations and will start its work in September again.

In 2010, according to our strategic planning, the percent on gathering the local income has increased. We have to collect money despite of a difficult economic and political situation in the country.

On 1st of June the International Child Protection Day all children of SOS Children’s Village Cholponata has visited a ravine ‘Kyrchyn’, this is a beautiful place in the mountains. Children, their SOS moms and village personnel played different games, took funny photos, set the samovar to boil and of course, cooked on the open air. Everybody returned home relaxed and with the feeling of satisfaction.

As you know children should grow in prosperity and in safety. The staff of Children’s Village Cholponata tries to protect our children from cruelty, indifference and to build their bright future. Of course, all our efforts intended for wellbeing of children would not be possible without your support and concern. We hope our relationship will be strengthened in the future as your help plays a big role in the lives of our children.

SOS Children’s Village is my life

7 years ago when Asem was just admitted to the SOS village she didn’t want to live there. She was very afraid of her biological brothers’ and sister’s future. Besides she was afraid of unknown people and new environment.

Asem said ‘Living in the SOS village I’ve understood the main thing in my life – I’ve found a person with whom I can deal with my secrets, whom I can rely and who can help in all situations. Of course, this person is my SOS mother’.

‘I began to feel myself confident living in a Family house with my lovely SOS brothers and SOS sisters’, noticed Asem. Shy and unconfident, calm and touchy girl became a beautiful and active girl.

This spring Asem took part in the youth meeting ‘I matter’ Leaving Care Project held in Berlin, Germany from 1-5 March 2010. On the meeting there were not only SOS youth but children from various countries and organizations. ‘I’m happy that I am an SOS child and proud of it’, says Asem. Her goal is to be a ‘good person’ and help all her SOS brothers and SOS sisters to build their bright future.

With best personal regards,

Mr.Bakyt Abdiev

CV Cholponata Director