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SOS Children's Villages has opened clinics in both Abobo-Gare and Aboisso to help families and children in need especially those affected by HIV/AIDS. This includes helping local communities with food, medicine, school fees and setting up self-help projects. … more about our charity work in Côte d'Ivoire

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Aboisso, Ivory Coast

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Aboisso, Ivory Coast

A child sponsorship report from Aboisso in Ivory Coast. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

It is a real pleasure for us to share with you the results of our activities, and the events that have occurred in the life of the SOS Children’s Village of Aboisso since the beginning of the year 2010. But before we do that, may we once more express our gratitude for your support towards the children.

As a matter of fact, under its policy of integrated approach centered around the child, our Village is still continuing in its delicate mission of providing long-term support to needy children. To that end, it has made the upholding and the protection of children’s rights its creed.

At present, the total number of children that are in the care of the Village is 135 (65 girls, 70 boys), including 99 living in the 10 Family Homes and 36 in three Youth Homes. After the various transfers (youth transfer from Family Home to Youth Homes), we have admitted eight (8) new children whom we surround with the care and affection necessary for a perfect integration into the village.

And to help SOS mothers improve their method of taking care of all these children, they have benefited from a capacity building training in home economics. The aim of this training was to show to the SOS mothers how to save up (budget, water and energy) in their homes, how to manage rationally the means and resources provided by the SOS Children’s Village to take care of children. This training also permits them to know and do what is important in the children's daily lives. Following this training, the Village Director and the social worker initiated a campaign to raise the awareness of children in family homes and youths in the hostels to the same issue a rational management of resources.

As far as education is concerned, the total number of pupils in the SOS Nursery is 87, including 10 children from the village. As part of their school project, the preschool mistresses and their pupils have done different activities that contribute to the complete development of these pupils. The current performance of our children shows that we will have a very good school year.

As for extracurricular activities (culture and sport), the children had the opportunity to visit a rubber- processing factory in Adaou (a village not far from Aboisso). During this discovery and leisure visit, they were welcomed by the rich farmer of this village. And finally, they participated in the 7th edition of the mini Olympic Games organized this year in Maféré by a Catholic nursery school called ‘Pierre Oscar’ within the context of a twinning partnership. It was an occasion to play games, a time of conviviality where a spirit of competition prevailed.

SOS Primary school has 176 pupils, including 43 children from the village. Our children's school results are very satisfactory and convince us that they will all pass the end-of-year exams. The fine art initiation courses taught in this school helped our children to make paintings that were exhibited and sold during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of SOS Children’s Villages around the world. As part of socio-cultural and sports activities, the pupils visited a museum, the ceramic and vocational centres of ‘Grand Bassam’ (the first capital city of our country), which is replete with sightseeing and tourist spots.

The pupils of SOS Primary School performed excellently during the OISSU (sports competitions for schools and universities in Cote d'Ivoire). In fact, the football team, which includes 9 children of the village, got 7 points out of 9 in the three matches that they played.

Sixty three (63) youths from the village and the youth hostels go to the middle and high schools of Aboisso and their current results are satisfactory. 18 of them have won school prizes for excellence. Thanks to the private reinforcement classes the children are taking and the support given by the teaching team, we hope to increase our success rate at the middle school exam (called BEPC in our country) and at the Baccalaureate (high school graduating exam).

Three (03) of our youths are enrolled in technical and vocational training while 3 others are conscientiously learning a trade as apprentices.

Concerning health, other than the usual illnesses like malaria and stomach aches, our children enjoy good health; but to be prepared for all contingencies, we organized a immunization session against meningitis (A and C) and we plan to do the same for hepatitis B. We are still continuing the psycho-pathological treatment of 14 children and youths at the Children Care centre.

And to finish with, the Family Strengthening Programme has 150 children coming from 68 needy families living in Aboisso. This programme provides different types of help to these children who might lose the support of their family. The most important thing in this process is making the children’s families financially independent through training and the funding of profitable activities so that parents respect their children's rights. Hence, thanks to a partnership with MUCREFAB, a micro-finance organization that makes loans, 30 women have received funding of CFA 4, 200, 000.

Dear Sponsor, thanks to your generous support, you help our Institution uphold children's rights in our village to the point where these fragile children who have lost the support of their families are now dreaming of a bright future. Your sponsored children join us to express our gratitude to you for the happiness you sow in their lives.


Village Director