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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, Canchungo, Guinea Bissau

Child from SOS Canchungo
Child from SOS Canchungo

A child sponsorship report from Canchungo in Guinea Bissau. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

Please kindly share with us some information about the village which sponsor you for some time, stressing  that your generous contribution has allowed up to his date, a roof, well-being and good education for our children in need.

In SOS Children's Village of Canchungo, we have a total of 96 children aged 0-10, including 51 girls and 45 boys. Each family home has a population of 8 children.

Once a week, Canchungo Village staff organise a meeting with children, accompanied by their SOS mothers, to discuss, play, hold dance competitions, question and answer sessions and also to raise older youths’ awareness about their residence within the Village.

SOS mothers also meet once a week to discuss how the Village’s functioning and its current situation, daily work in each family house and behaviour vis-à-vis their children with a view to avoiding physical and emotional abuse.

SOS Mothers take courses on adult literacy and courses in Portuguese and French. Besides, they also learn, dyeing, sewing and other skills.

Twenty Canchungo SOS Children are members of the Regional Child Parliament. They meet other community youths on Saturday afternoons to talk about children's rights, hold debates and organize cultural events.

The 2008/2009 school year went well. Out of fifty children enrolled at Canchungo SOS School, we had 7 children who repeated the year, including 5 children in the 1st year and two in the 3rd year. Remedial courses are conducted every afternoon during the week, except on Wednesday, or for children that attend catechism classes. Students in the Village Honours League have their picture placed on the display window and were awarded gifts.

Regarding health issues, we can note some routine illnesses. Nevertheless two children fractured their arms and one of them was evacuated to Senegal, due to lack of adequate equipment for such operation. The other one was treated on site and both have now healed and resumed their studies.

Carnival is celebrated every year in February throughout 4 days. People disguise themselves wearing traditional attire and wearing masks. This year Canchungo SOS Nursery organized 2010 carnival under the theme "Let us unite for peace and development". Children dressed up in their respective facilities.

A seminar on sponsorship was held last March involving SOS Mothers and Aunts, and staff members in collaboration with the Regional Sponsorship Coordinator.

We recruited four youths for the SOS Family Strengthening Programme last April. They underwent training and began working with 101 families, including 465 beneficiaries, distributed in seven towns in the Canchungo area.

A two-weekly programme of visits to our children’s biological relatives is organised to take place next August, aiming at allowing our children to remain in contact with other family members. The programme will have a limited reached for children due to the onset of the rainy season and sanitary preventions measures will be taken to prevent the possibility of epidemics.

We thank you again for your kind and generous contribution and avail ourselves of this opportunity to present to you our Village’s best compliments.

SOS Children's Village Guinea Bissau