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In Laos, a staggering quarter of the population live in poverty, while most children face countless hardships every day. Life in the countryside is particularly bad. SOS Children's Villages has been increasing our role in the country since beginning work in Laos in 1995 … more about our charity work in Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Luangprabang, Laos

Child from SOS Village Luangprabang
Child from SOS Village Luangprabang

A child sponsor report from Luangprabang in Laos. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

Luangprabang province is located in the north of Laos, 400 km far from Vientiane Capital city and nominated by UNESCO as one of the world heritage with famous temples, historic monuments, especially the former royal palace, attractive sight-seeing and friendly people. Our SOS Children’s Village Luangprabang was built on a Donvong mountain, 4 km far from the town. As the turn of mid year comes, we would like to take this occasion to present our progress report regarding of our SOS Children’s Village Luangprabang to you.

At present 126 children enjoy living and growing up in the familial atmosphere full of love, respect and security.  Almost all of them are in good health and under the good care of 11 SOS mothers, 8 aunties and 3 new candidate mothers who are on 45 day training at Mother Training Centre in Vientiane Capital city.

The closing academic year 2009-10 was held at the end of May; almost of our children were attending to SOS School Luangprabang and the annual school result was satisfied. In according to new academic curriculum in our country, 17 children in 6th year of upper secondary level need one year more to finish their high school. The 3 months school vacation activities will be arranged for our children such as excursion outside at the famous royal palace which was the previous residence of the Lao King and funny picnic near the well known water fall Tad Kuangsy. Alternatively the additional classes every morning are also arranged for our children to prepare the next academic and the most favorite activities that all children enjoyed very much are drawing, preparing the Xmas cards, playing puzzle, car toys and playing foot ball, volleyball before joining the SOS pray at 18:00 hours in the village hall.

Two youth homes have provided 28 young boys living together with joy in the familial atmosphere full of love, respect and security. All of them are in different classes of secondary level. Nowadays they learn how to stand on their feet by self guidance from 2 youth leaders. As daily life after school or before school they take turn to find the fresh food at the market, to cook and to do house works. Their leisure time is almost occupied by playing guitar, football, rattan ball, table tennis and betanque. The weekend activities are often organized to clean off  inside and surrounding the youth homes to prevent the infectious diseases such Malaria, Dengue fever, Diarrhea, rickettsiosis. These youth boys came often to join the village activities, visited their families and vice-versa their SOS Mothers paid visit them to know how they live and learn.

SOS Nursery provides 77 kids in total in which 7 from ours, especially 10 of them, from very poor families belong to our Family Strengthening Programme.

On March 8th of this year as the International women’s Day so-called in our village like the SOS Mother’s Day, all children took this opportunity to expresses their love and gratitude to their mother by presenting the nice poems, flowers and nice presents. The atmosphere on that was very impressed and happy.  On 3 day Lao New Year from 13th until 15th April 2010 the village had the special programme for children and mothers to celebrate with happiness and wished to each others with the perfume water. On 1st June were held the  International Children’s Day  and National Trees Planting’s Day by playing games, entertainment performance, joy to taste cookies, sweets, fruits and ended by planting trees as slogan “ One tree for one family."

Dear Friends and Dear Sponsors, your generous support and your kind intention are really in our appreciation. Without your kind assistance, we will not reach to our goal. On behalf of our children, their mothers as well as everyone here allow us to send you our deepest thanks and great gratitude for your kindness. We will pray every day for your good health, peace and prosperity in your personal life.

With our very best regards,
Yours Sincerely,

Dr.Daovone Choumlivong
National Sponsorship Co-ordinator