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SOS sponsored child in Mali
People in Mali face recurrent droughts and food shortages. The situation in Mali has been exacerbated by political violence which has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. SOS Children's Villages works in three locations across the country, and has recently launched emergency relief in Mali to protect families affected by the fighting. … more about our charity work in Mali

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Sanankoroba, Mali

Children playing in SOS Village Sanankoroba
Children playing in SOS Village Sanankoroba

A child sponsor report from Sanankoroba in Mali. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

It is with great pleasure that we are sending you the latest news of SOS Children's Village Sanankoroba and your sponsored children. 

The village currently totals 148 children (78 boys and 70 girls) divided into its 15 family homes with the admission of 14 new children including two four month twin girls who thus, become the youngest girls of their family and the village. These new children are adapting better and better to the village life. Some of them suffered from severe malnutrition which starts to be resolved thanks to the special diet set up by the male nurse of the village and which SOS mothers follow scrupulously. Similarly, the Programme of Community Based Readjustment (R.B.C.) takes care of about ten children who suffered from speech disorders and behavior problems.

Concerning schooling, there are 119 SOS pupils (53 girls and 66 boys) attending SOS School with more than 600 others from the vicinity. A Malian Government decision has just removed the C.E.P (Primary School Leaving Certificate) examination from the Malian school examination system. Therefore, pupils will move up to college, with only the annual average grade.

The end of college studies will thus, be through D.E.F (Junior High School Leaving Certificate) or Brevet. Thus, during the school year 2009/2010, seven candidates from the village will sit for the examination which will enable them to further general and professional secondary studies in the Youth care Cell (C.E.J.) of Bamako.
At the SOS Nursery, they are 228 pupils including 13 SOS children (8 girls and 5 boys).

During October which is the National Solidarity and the Fight against Exclusion month in Mali, the village received various donations from some foundations and institutions of Mali.

On November 20th, the Village in collaboration with the Town hall of the rural District of Sanankoroba, Plan/Sanankoroba, C.D.P.E. (Development Centre of Early Childhood) celebrated sumptuously the 20th Anniversary of the Convention Related to the Rights of the Child in the SOS Nursery. As always in relation to this celebration, a supervisor from the Village took part in the Sub-regional Forum of the children organized by Fourth World A.T.D. (Assistance to Any Distress) Movement in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso; where a collective message of peace and solidarity of all the children was launched.

December was marked by the visit of the famous blind artist couple Amadou and Mariam with the Fan Club of Chain II (the 2nd national Chain of ORTM). The end of the month was marked by the end of the year (Christmas and on December 31st) parties which were joyfully celebrated in the Village. Your sponsored children received several Christmas presents (toys and child bicycles) from our partners with the wishes of Christmas, and Good and Happy New Year's.

At the end of January, the village celebrated the retirement of four SOS mothers.  After many years of very busy professional life, these retired mothers will share their rich experience with the new generation of SOS mothers and aunts during initial training and in-service sessions.

On February 6th, within the framework of the partnership of SOS Village’s Children and the French College Liberté A, an entertainment day was organized in Sanankoroba.  Many things were planned; among them were animation sessions, discovery-visits, board games and a football match with the victory of the Village children which ended the day.

A week later, we accommodated the team of the Magic Villages from France. During two days drawing workshops, a village fair, and film shows livened up the village and its surroundings. The welcome ceremony and the football match between SOS mothers and aunts and the women from the education structures (SOS School, SOS Nursery and the Nursery) of our projects were packed full of colors and emotion.

In addition, at the end of 2009, the Family Strengthening Programme freed of a dozen of beneficiary families after four happy new years of activities. And thanks to the SOS Nursery, about thirty children were enrolled this year at the nursery.

The year 2010 is the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of our country. It will solemnly be celebrated throughout the entire country. The preparation of this festival has already started.

In the name of your sponsored SOS children as well as their mothers and aunts thank you very much for your unfailing generosity in spite of the financial crisis which affects the whole world.  With the smile and the hope of the SOS children, please accept, dear sponsor our heartedly greetings.