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SOS Children's Villages began caring for orphans in Burundi in 1977, and following the outbreak of civil war in 1993, launched an emergency aid programme in the Muyinga Province of Burundi, for war orphans. This became the third permanent Children's Village, of four today. … more about our charity work in Burundi

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Rutana, Burundi

Child from SOS Rutana
Child from SOS Rutana

A child sponsorship report from Rutana in Burundi. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

We seize this opportunity to convey you the development of our SOS Children's Village of Rutana during this first part of 2010. First we send you, on behalf of all children and employees, our sincere and warm greetings. We are very grateful for the interest and commitment you keep showing us.

During this period, the SOS children/youths in the Village enjoyed a good overall health. Just like last year, the Village hosts 159 children and youths, with 130 children including 71 boys and 59 girls living in 14 family houses and 29 youths including 12 girls and 17 boys living in two youth homes.

Regarding school attendance, 16 children are enrolled in the SOS Nursery, 88 children in the SOS primary school, 53 youths in secondary schools and two children have not yet reached the school going age.

The school results of the second term 2009-2010 are good in family houses. The success rate that was 93.10% in the first term shifted to 97.72% in the second. Regarding the performances of secondary school students, they fell: the first term success rate of 67.30% shifted to 58.49% in 2nd term. In our local education committee, we have analyzed the causes of the failures and have adopted strategies including the recruitment of an external repeater teacher in scientific courses.

As regard blossoming, 13 SOS families and the girl youth home have made excursions accompanied by the Director of the Village and / or his co-workers.

The integration of the Village in the surrounding community is a reality. The Village has been partner in organizing the Global World Education week and a football match was held between children/youths of the Village and a selection of those in the closest public schools. The match was won by the selection with a score of 1- 0. On this occasion, our team received from the International Organization ACTION AID a batch of sports uniforms consisting of shorts and t-shirts.

The policy of child protection has been explained to the staff, children/youths and members of the Association for the Support of Rutana SOS Children's Village.

Regarding staff development, 6 SOS mothers attended the mother third training sequence at the Kigali SOS training Centre from April 23 to May 7, 2010.

The Association for Support of Rutana SOS Children's Village ‘ASVERU’ was registered on March 1, 2010 by ministerial order. It is now active in the organization of activities and festivities in the Village.

SOS Nursery of Rutana has 16 children from the Village and 62 from community including 8 children supported the Family Strengthening Programme families, be it a total of 78 children.

The SOS Primary School Rutana supervises 234 pupils among whom 88 from the Village and 146 from the Village community with a scholarship from the Family Strengthening Programme.

School results are generally satisfactory. The success rate is 98.2% in the second term against 95.7% in the first term. However, efforts still need to be made to improve grade 5 and 6 schoolchildren’s achievement through reinforcement and individualization sessions.

In terms of advocacy and child protection, the activities of ‘Stop AIDS’ and ‘Rights of the Child’ clubs continued. They know the active participation of students in 5th and 6th years. Members of these clubs are sensitized and encouraged to denounce abuses which may occur between children themselves or between children and staff.

Talking about partnership, our school has received from the Education Provincial Direction of Rutana a donation consisting of a batch of 94 textbooks. This teaching tool will be used from grade 1 to grade 6.

The Family Strengthening Programme continues its activities in favor of orphans and other vulnerable children whose number amounts to 392 children in 99 families. 45 tutors have attended training in the development and management of Income Generating Activities and 58 other families in conflict management. Also, 75 families received seeds and at the community level, three networks have been initiated.

The SOS Socio-Medical Centre has signed agreements for the support of people living with HIV/AIDS,  with GENEVA GLOBAL, PRIDE through the Burundian Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (RBP +) and the National Council for the Fight against AIDS (CNLS).

In the fight against HIV/AIDS, the Rutana SOS Socio-Medical Centre supports 168 people living with HIV/AIDS, including 106 on ARVs and 62 under cotrimoxazole prophylaxis tyreatment. Voluntary HIV / AIDS screening has reached a strength of 350 with 9 positive cases, be it a seroprevalence rate of 2.57%. Note that 43 persons living with HIV/AIDS have benefited from psychosocial support during this semester.

In order to thrive children /youths infected and affected by HIV / AIDS, a holiday camp was organized in Rutana from 29th to 31st March 2010, jointly by the SOS Medical Centre in Bujumbura and the project for Mutual Reinforcement of frontline Actors (REMUA) and 16 children beneficiaries of Family Strengthening Programme Rutana attended.

The socio-economic situation in Rutana province has not changed in the course of the first semester. During that period, prices of essential commodities have hardly stabilized in response to climatic disturbances affecting the region. This makes it difficult life in households.

Dear friend, reiterating our profound gratitude for your support both moral and financial, please accept our warm greetings.


Village Director