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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Qiqihar, China

Child from SOS Children's Vilalge Qiqihar
Child from SOS Children's Vilalge Qiqihar

A child sponsorship report from Qiqihar in China. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

It is my pleasure to share with you the recent development and events that have taken place in SOS Children’s Village Qiqihar during the last 6 months.

From January 15th to the end of February, it was the time of winter vocation for our children, during this time many activities were organized for them, such as class chess games, a speaking content, skiing, a paper cutting class and a spring festival get-together. Everyday there was a chess game and many children watching around the two who were playing, some of them like to give the player their opinions, but the player had is own idea. At the speaking contest, some of the children were reciting, some were telling interesting stories and some were reading their own articles to praise their SOS mothers and SOS Children’s Village, from time to time cheers were heard and each contender got a small gift. Many children took an active part in the paper cutting class, now they all can cut the simple pictures they like on their own.

As usual the spring festival get-together was held in the morning of the last day on the Chinese calendar, it was on February 13th 2010, many kinds of interesting children’s game were offered for children, the participators were so pleased getting small gifts and in the afternoon children decorate their rooms with New Year pictures and a pair of scrolls containing a poetic on the entrance door, it is the year of tiger, so most of the pictures this year are tigers different kinds of, at the same time mother was preparing rich dinner, after dinner all the members were watching TV together, and in the middle of the night about 12, people eat dumpling then the year is over. Children don’t even sleep the whole night, but the next day they stay in bed at daytime.

The most joyful game for children is skiing, it was the second time for them to go skiing, when they heard the news of skiing they shouted and jumped for joy, they started to go out at ten o’clock in the morning, at the ski run, some of them put on ski boots with ski sticks, some were playing with skis, the kids were playing sitting in the slide carriage, when they come back to the village at three in the afternoon, they were all tired out.

2010 is the year of 20th anniversary of the founding of our village, the celebration will be held on August 18th; it will be the time of summer vocation of our children. 121 children who were adopted to our village at the early days has grown up and now are working in different cities in China will come back our village to join in the celebrating activities, some will come back with their husbands or wives and some will bring their kids or babies, now all the people in the village are busy at repairing for the meeting, all of the children will join in the performance.

Zhengxian, the mother of No.10 family, retired last month, actually she was in bad health for many years, yet she has been working hard for the children. Her spirit is admired by all the people who know her. She has fostered 17 children since 1991 when she started to work in the village. Of the 17 children, 10 are boys and 7 are girls; 9 have already grown up and are working in the society; 2 are attending universities out of Qiqihar, 1 boy is living in the village youth home and 5 are living in the family. Zheng Xian is the first mother who reaches the retiring age, she has already handed over her application for continue working in the family free of charge. She said that if she leaves her children she will be in bad condition, she needs her children and all the children in the family need her.

Best whishes from all the people in the village!

Yours sincerely

Ms. Zhang Fengqin  张风琴(Village Director)