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Child Sponsorship 2010, from Mogadishu, Somalia

SOS Village girl from Mogadishu
SOS Village girl from Mogadishu

A child sponsorship report from Modagishu in Somalia. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

It is summer once again and it is indeed a pleasure to write to you informing you of our progress for the period.

General Situation

The general situation is still grim in Somalia; the fighting between the government troops and the opposing forces has been going on in the city throughout. Movement is restricted and it worsens when there is fighting going on. Fortunately this time the offensive fighting is taking place further from our SOS Children’s Village Mogadishu, its affiliated projects and the surrounding are also safe from the fighting at the moment.

SOS Families

Despite all the difficulties as well as insecurity around our project area, our SOS Children’s Village and its immediate environs are not affected with the fighting; we are happy that our SOS families are safe and well. SOS Village Mogadishu houses 10 families and one youth home for boys with 8 youth. At the moment the village is taking care of 59 children among these 33 are male, we also have 56 youth who are under our care. The village is going on with its activities as normally as possible. The children are attending the SOS School which is fortunately located within the village premises so the children don’t have to go far to study considering the security situation.

Youth News

Two of our youth graduated from school of fashion and design and they are looking forward to getting a job and becoming independent.  This year, one of our youth will be finishing her first degree in Business Administration at Hargeisa University.  One of our independent youth who happily got married in Mogadishu sometime last year got a baby boy! It was a happy moment for the new mother and the entire SOS village as well.  This new baby brings the number of grand children to 19!


Children in SOS School resumed learning on 9th of January 2010 after a short recess.  The school is on track with all the educational programmes that were put in place going on well. A tutorial class was started involving all the students in bid to improve their performance. Although it is too early to judge its productivity, the programme has attracted the interest of many children and youths.  The library use has gained momentum as some of the children in grades 6-8 can write summary on a book. Although they are not perfect, it is said that such is a good start and with time, it will improve.

SOS Medical Centre

Since the beginning of the year 2010, the medical centres have been busy helping the needy community in and around Mogadishu by offering comprehensive medical and health services. The Mother Child Clinic (MCC) recorded that about 4,000 women were offered outpatient services, 500 inpatient services and about 1,500 mothers were assisted in safe and clean delivery. In addition 60 Caesarean sections were performed. Emergency Paediatric Unit, the unique health centre for children in south central Somalia remains busy in dealing with sick children. Since January 2010, more than 20,000 were offered different medical services such as outpatient, inpatient, laboratory services and both therapeutic and supplementary feeding for severe malnourished children. In an effort to speed up preventative measures for both women and children, the Maternal Child Health (MCH) clinic continue to offer under five clinic, antenatal/postnatal services and health education sessions to its clients. So far nearly 6,500 children were vaccinated against tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles and polio. Additionally 3,800 pregnant mothers were given tetanus vaccines and 6 health and nutrition education sessions were conducted.

SOS Faculty of Community Health Nursing

The current student population of the nursing school is 66, of whom 28 are female. All the students are pursuing their studies and practical lessons very well.  The new principal tutor continues to guide and coordinate school the activities in collaboration with the teaching staff.

New 31 students selected (2009 Class) in October last year completed the theory classes and now commencing their practical/clinical experience in the different department of the hospital.  2007 class which are now in their final year continue to work hard so that they will be able to pass their final exam. The Class of 2006 (5 female and 9 male) students has completed their studies in February and sat for the final examination in April where all of them passed the examination. This time one of our youth was among the candidates who successfully passed the exam. He is willing to continue his studies and do BSc in health science.

Once again, we thank you all for supporting our SOS children to better their lives everyday in Mogadishu.

With kind regards,

Osman Shukri
Village Director
SOS Children’s village Mogadishu