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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Lhasa, China

Children from SOS Lhasa
Children from SOS Lhasa

A child sponsorship report from Lhasa in China. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

It is already the mid-time of the year; we would like to report our work as follows:

SOS Children’s Village Lhasa

This year, 2 mothers attended mother’s training course conducted by SOS Children’s Villages of China. We gathered all the staffs to study the measures of the protection of fender of P.R.C. We also let all the SOS mothers and aunts restudy the policy of the protection for fender in order to guide them to learn how to hear the children’s voice and how to treat them and provide a good environment between children.

When we heard the earthquake happened in Yushu where the Tibetan area in Qinghai Province is, all the staff actively made donations to the people there. All our children made donations to express their love to the people who are in disaster in Yushu. Through donations, our children experienced the spirit of “one person has difficulty, eight persons support”.

Our village held a singing competition, drawing competition and basketball game for children from 17 SOS families and provided a communication stage between the adults and children. We also organized the children who are up the Class Five to watch “the series of escort for life”. And we invited some related teachers to give children lessons of law and teach them to know low and observe low so that let them grow up healthily and happily in their life.

We held a get-together before the Chinese festival and Tibetan New Year. Our children were happy to take part in and put on various performances.

All the children are the heart in the village work. The safety and management is most important in the village work. We continue to do the safety checking activity in the village each month. We mainly check fire-fighting equipment, water, electricity, food safety, and traffic safety and so on.

This year, 31 children in our village are going to take the middle school, high school and university entrance examinations differentiate. Our village had done ideological work for them; further to provide these children better food and drink; further to do the connection between village and school for their studies; and specially arrange vehicle to pick them up to ensure their traffic safety.

Our village connected the Army Hospital to get free medical certificate for all the children and staffs. We conducted 6 new children’s residence booklet in order let them go to school smoothly.

On May 29, we held a get-together for all the children to celebrate the “June 1st international children’s day”. Our children put on the best performance and got a lot of shouts of applause from the guests who were invited. They wrote their happiness of childhood in the day that belongs to them. On June 01, Mr., Xiangba Pingcuo the Vice party secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Director of People’s Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region and his party went to the village to see all the children and staffs. He brought the studying and living articles to the children as the gifts of the children’s day. Mr., Xiangba Pingcuo went to 2 family houses to see the mothers and ask the mothers about the children’s living and study. He watched the children’s performance that they specially arranged for June 1st.

SOS Nursery

Under the direct leadership and care of the village, all the works in the village Nursery are getting on smoothly. The Nursery signed the safety and responsibility book with the kid’s parents and signed the safety and responsibility book with the teachers and staffs in order to ensure the kid’s ideology and personal safety.

SOS Youth Home

On January 5, our village held a meeting for 6 14-year old boys for entering the SOS Youth Home. The staffs of the youth home made good use of Saturday when the youths all gathered to teach and guide them to strengthen their capacity of self-safety. The director of the youth home took actively in the youth’s parent’s meeting to connect with the school and get to know the youth’s behaviour and emotion. They often hold some meetings to talk to the youth face to face and use thinking of changing action to guide the youth to finish their school efficiently. 

Dear sponsors, thank you very much for your generous support to our village.  All the people from our village are looking forward to meeting you in future.

Best wishes and warm regards to you and your family,

Yours Sincerely,
Lamu Zhuoma
Village Director