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Years of conflict and natural disasters mean that Sudan is one of the world's least-developed countries. Children suffer from extremely limited chances and are at risk of trafficking and child labour. We help families in Khartoum provide children with the best start in life and offer a loving home to those with no one else. … more about our charity work in Sudan

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Khartoum, Sudan

Village child from Khartoum
Village child from Khartoum

A child sponsorship report from Khartoum in Sudan. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

On behalf of my co-workers, mother and children, I would like to express deepest thanks to everybody, who has helped us to give care for our children. Without this incredible support our children will not have a mother to take care of them and have bonds and close attachment to give them security and guarantee them good future. With your help our children are able to have fun and enjoy life. It is not only that with your generous help our youth manage to find good jobs and to have regular incomes and start leading good life. Thank you once more all sponsors for creating this enclave of love for our SOS families hoping to be extended across the whole world and no more abandoned children.

The greatest appeals of our children this year are integration into the community, a policy which we had been working hard to achieve for the last years. To achieve this goal we all worked hard to carry out intensive programmes in different social fields.  For instance:

  • Admitting most of the children to visit their SOS mother's home towns and spent fifteen days out there.
  • Starting an experimental farm to teach children - who are ten and above, farming techniques and prepare them for the future and make respect and love green environment.
  • Moreover we are aiming at teaching our children, honesty, and self-control and show courage in standing for our SOS principles.

The beginning of this year is marked by four unprecedented events in the villages, on 12/1/2010 the ministers of the services section in the cabinet of ministers held their meeting inside SOS Children Village.  This meeting means a lot to SOS. It means SOS is accepted, rooted and well appreciated by the government.

On the 13th of May the Minister of Social Welfare had spent four hours with SOS mothers and children promising to give help to SOS.  On the 14th of May our village was honored by the visit of the regional director Mr. Bourget. Accompanied by Mr. Felix, Mr. Bourget had spent a whole day in the villages talking to mothers, children and staff. In March 2010 a partnership agreement was signed between SOS co-ordination office director and Nile Petroleum general manager to support building a house in the villages, and continue being a big donor to SOS Children's Villages Sudan.  The village construction now started and is supposed to finish in two years.

Our children are in good health and generally doing fine in the school. The percentage of success in this term is 75%.

This year the number of children in the nursery is 38. Twenty-eight of them from SOS Khartoum Village and ten from neighborhood, out of the 28 from SOS Khartoum Villages, 24 are boys and only four girls.  On March this year the nursery graduated eight childrenwith a big ceremony. Five of them are from the village and three from the neighborhood. The ceremony was attended by government top officials, SOS mother's, neighbors and SOS staff.

The educational complex is an important SOS facility. It includes an SOS Social Centre, vocational training centre and two primary schools, one for boys and one for girls.  The social centre is holding forums on community needs, like family planning, HIV/AIDs, hygeine. Child’s right and many other advocacy programmes together with other partnerships. The vocational training centre is offering the youth of the neighbouring communities free-of-charge courses in sewing, plumbing and electricity, these youth are school drops out and they are from poor families. A practical approach is used for teaching them.  This term forty-four youths graduated in different fields. The aim of these courses is to help the youth secure jobs. Up to now, the vocational centre has graduated 264 students.

The Family Strengthening Programme started in 2005; now in 2010 including 138 families and 400 children, and it contains educational support including uniforms, school tools, shoes and bags, the health support including the payments of treatments values, and nutritional support provide food to some families.

SOS School for girls includes now 914 girls. In the last final exam the school record 75% only. Most of the girls in this school are from the displaced area. The boy's school includes 933 boys. In the final exam their record is 66% only. They are also from the poor families in the displaced area.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your support our SOS Children's Villages Khartoum. I am sure that with your continuous help and dedication will grow to be a pride to you and to all of us.

Taj El Siraj
Village Director
SOS Children’s Village Khartoum