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Children from the SOS nursery in Bucharest
As many as 32,000 Romanian children may be involved in some form of child labour. We work in Bucharest, Cisnadie and Hemeiusi to ensure children enjoy a proper childhood, with all the opportunities they need to flourish. We provide a loving home for those who cannot live with their families. … more about our charity work in Romania

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Hemeius, Romania

Children from SOS Village Hemeius
Children from SOS Village Hemeius

A child sponsorship report from Hemeius in Romania. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsor

Time is running fast and another summer came in SOS Children’s Village Hemeius; children have grown, some finished their first grade to school, some graduated nursery and will go to school starting with this autumn. For the elder ones, school is not anymore so exciting, but summer holidays are!!...

In Bacau, near SOS Village Hemeius, a SOS Youth Home for teenagers was opened, for the ones who graduated gymnasium; they will continue their studies in high schools or vocational schools, in Bacau, learning new skills and a profession. It was not easy to leave the SOS Village, SOS mothers and brothers; but in SOS Youth Home they started a new way of life, more independent, more responsible. They prepared for this moment for a long time, learning to cook, to manage with budget; assisted by pedagogues, youngsters are taking care of themselves; it’s the way to become young and independent adults.

One example is a girl of 18 years old, who graduated the 10th grade of high school. She has very good results; she is a hardworking girl at school. She is passionate by painting and playing computer. After graduation she wishes to continue her studies to Law Faculty. She has deep roots in the SOS Village and sometimes she is nostalgic about the times she was a child in her SOS mother’s house. But she has a younger natural sister, who still lives in the SOS Village and comes visiting her often, to the SOS Youth Home. They spend time together, like in old times. But soon, in a year or two, she will move also in the SOS Youth Home; and if things will go as they planned, they will be together again all the time.

These are some moments about our children and youngsters; some moments of their lives that we had the pleasure to share with you. They are happy and aware of their chance; they get help to improve their lives. We deeply thank you for your contribution, for your generosity and friendship! Until next report, we remain, with our kindest regards,

Mihai Bandraburu

Village Director

SOS Children’s Village Hemeius