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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Battan, Philippines

SOS Village girl
SOS Village girl

A child sponsor report from Battan in the Philippines. Written 2010.

Dear Sponsor,

Warmest greetings in behalf of the 96 children and youths together with 27 Mothers, Aunts and Co-workers of SOS Children’s Village Bataan! I am pleased to inform you of the latest developments in the Children’s Village for the first semester of the year 2010.

One year and five months after the opening of the Children’s Village, the children have completely adapted to the village life. They established a close bond with their SOS Mothers and accepted the love and care provided for them. Delegations of household chores to children are now being done conforming to their age and ability. The older ones help their mother in cooking, cleaning the house surrounding, washing their clothes and marketing. Meanwhile, the younger ones assist in the general cleaning of their houses during Saturdays in their own little way, like watering the plants, wiping tables and cupboards and arranging their beddings.

To enhance the talents and potentials of the children, a Children’s Dance Group was formed. Most of the children were very eager to participate and join practices for dance presentations. Also, participation is encouraged especially for other extra-curricular activities like basketball, volleyball and other outdoor native games. These are all organized by the Educational Staff during weekends and afternoon after their school classes. These encouraged children to interact with each other and be physically involved with the Children’s Village life.

The children’s health is also closely monitored since a number of them are malnourished when welcomed in the Children’s Village. Supplemental feeding and medication are continuously administered to these children. Dental and medical screening treatments are also being done to monitor their over-all physical health. The SOS mothers are assisted by the co-workers in monitoring the health and nutritional status of our children.

While their individual care and family life bloom, co-workers also slowly network with the community surrounding the Children’s Village. Neighbours are now involved with the different SOS families, interacting with the children and, from day to day, send their greetings. Our children had also started to network with the other children in the community, attending forums or conventions pertaining to their development. In April, fifteen of our children attended a seven-day camp at the city proper sponsored by the local government social welfare arm.

Thank you very much for your continued support and generosity.  Your unwavering enthusiasm and faith in the silent but fruitful works of SOS Children’s Villages particularly in Bataan has kept us going in our efforts to better the lives of the underprivileged children in our society. May you and your family continuously be blessed with abundance in life.

With warm wishes and best regards,

Mr. Salvador Ramirez
Village Director