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1988 saw the first SOS Children's Village open in Tanzania at Zanzibar, followed by a children's village at Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Over 150 are cared for in loving family homes at these locations and more than 700 children from the local communities attend SOS Nursery and Primary schools as well as the SOS Social Centre at Arusha. … more about our charity work in Tanzania

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Arusha, Tanzania

Village children and mother from Arusha
Village children and mother from Arusha

A child sponsorship report from Arusha, Tanzania. Written in 2010.

Dear Sponsors,

I bring you warm and loving greetings from SOS Children’s Village Arusha, a loving home for every child. SOS Children's Village Arusha is still a home for 102 children cared by highly committed 10 SOS mothers and 4 SOS aunties, where out of these 2 are studying in SOS International College in Ghana. Extension of the village by building 5 more family houses, 2 youth homes, social and medical centre has started already. On the other hand plans are underway to shift 35 youth boys & girls from the village to the youth homes; however the village has rented a house for 15 youth boys only while waiting for the youth home construction to be completed to move all youths.

This year 19 children joined our SOS Secondary school and 4 others joined primary school and make the total number of secondary school student to be 40 and primary school pupils to be 59. Distance Intervention Programme (DIP) which prepares children to join SOS International College in Ghana is doing wonderful where 4 children attempted entrance examinations and another 7 attempted Baseline Assessment test in Zanzibar, April this year. They will join the college if they perform well    

Workshops and Trainings

Regional Education Advisor conducted a workshop on SOS Education policy and Child Protection policy for all staff. Another one was on the Improvement of sponsorship services offered to our International sponsors conducted by our National Sponsorship Coordinator for Mothers & Aunties. Also one aunt attended basic mother training graduation in Uganda after accomplishing their training in the Regional Training and Resource Centre (RTRC) – Nairobi, Kenya.

SOS School Arusha

The school is doing fine. It has the total number of 19 teaching staff, 2 administrative staff, 1 librarian and 2 supportive staff. The total number of student is 392, out of these 97 are from SOS Children’s Village, and 100 are from the scholarship programme and the rest from the community around. The scholarship programme was introduced to rescue children from our target i.e. children from poor families, those at risk of losing parental care and those who have lost their parents. The organization provides them with all school materials including uniforms and exercise books.

The second batch of form IV sat for Certificate of Secondary Education Examination performed well and more than 50% were selected to join form V in Government secondary schools. Talented students with assistance from an art teacher prepared more than 60 different teaching aids on canvas. This had significantly contributed for the establishment of the school pedagogical resource centre. Since co-curricular activities are also offered in school students participated in the inter-school football and netball matches organized by the district.

SOS Nursery

The nursery is doing very with the total number of 90 kids taken care by 8 staff. These kids stay in the school for three year before they join primary school. During January – June the nursery registered 17 children under scholarship programme. These children are coming from financially poor family and the organization is paying for their school related cost including uniform, books and sport wear

Family Strengthening Programme

The Programme is proceeding well with 1 Programme Coordinator and other 9 local volunteers who are selected from within the beneficiaries to help in various activities. The Programme still provides food, capacity building, healthy care and educational support to its beneficiaries.  It has succeeded to build a three bedroom house for one child-headed family which lost both parents. These children and their old grand mother were living in mud house with poor roof until Family Strengthening Programme secured them a proper brick house. However, the Programme also runs a day care for 75 children to allow their mothers to participate in income generating activities.  According to the strategic plan, the Programme intends to increase the number of beneficiaries to 500.

Generally United Republic of Tanzania will host its general election this year in October, campaigns are yet to start but we believe all will be okay.

On behalf of SOS Children’s Village – Arusha, I would like to thank you for sponsoring our Village, had it not been your support this achievement could not be registered.

Yours Sincerely

Woinde Shisael

National Sponsorship Coordinator