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10 hurt in Kenya hospital blast

One person was killed and 10 others badly hurt when a bomb went off at a Kenya hospital.

About 50 patients were being treated at the Mandera District hospital when it was hit during heavy fighting on the east African country’s border with Somalia and Ethiopia yesterday (Thursday).

The blast was aimed at the hospital where Al Shabaab militia thought their rivals were being treated after they were injured in border town fighting.

One of the shells exploded in the hospital compound while a second one landed at a nearby road. PC James Ole Serian told Kenya’s The Standard newspaper.

"Fortunately, the shells did not explode on people or structures. This is a war that started in Somalia and spilled over here," he said.

It happened after a day of shelling had been reported across the border, police said.

"One woman has been reported dead a and 10 casualties are being treated at Mandera District Hospital," Abbas Gullet from Kenya Red Cross said today [Friday].

"Several gunshots flying in the air across the border have hit the Kenya Red Cross Society offices in Mandera, where six members of staff are holed up, like many other residents of Mandera town," Mr Gullet said.

"The gunshots have rocked the town, keeping residents and refugees indoors," he said, adding that the situation put the townspeople and aid worker’s lives in grave danger.

"Hundreds of refugees are now scattered on the Kenyan side of the border, as it is risky to gather in camps until fighting ceases," he said.

Families today started fleeing Mandera town to escape the intense fighting that has been going on at the Kenya-Somalia border since Wednesday. Schools, government offices and hospitals had been shut for stray fire that has been hammering the border town.

On Thursday morning, eight people were hit by bullets fired by militia men who have been fighting AU troops on the Somalia side.

"It is scaring, you cannot know when a bullet will land near you and that is why people are running for safety," a councillor told Capital news. "Some houses have gone up in flames since morning and we don't know who are burning them but we highly suspect it has something to do with what is going on at the border," Ahmed added.

"People are running towards remote areas far away from Mandera, we don't want to become victims," he added "This place now is inhabitable, there are heavy gunfire renting the air every after a couple of hours. They are not fighting far away from the Kenyan side."

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