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Over one million Egyptian children are orphans. Many are forced to work for a living. Cotton picking often means an 11-hour daily shift in temperatures of up to 40 degrees. We provide a family, education and healthcare for orphans in Cairo and other vulnerable children so that they can enjoy a proper childhood. … more about our charity work in Egypt

Political turmoil in Egypt: SOS facilities safe

Political turmoil in Egypt: SOS facilities safe

Egypt is currently in a state of civil unrest, as protestors opposing President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule have taken to the streets to demonstrate against his government.

Since 25th January 2011, protestors have defied government-imposed curfews to prevent their assembly, marching through Cairo calling for President Mubarak to stand down.

Violent clashes between protestors and the military are believed to have led to around 100 deaths and over 2,000 people have been injured. There are reports of prisoners escaping from jails across the country and looting of private homes and businesses. The Egyptian military have a presence in the main area of the city, but even in areas where they are in attendance, they are frequently failing to intervene. Civilians have formed armed volunteer groups in districts which are not protected by the army in an attempt to defend their houses and properties against the looters. Communications are being restricted and internet connections have been disabled across the country.

Initial reports from our SOS facilities in Egypt confirm that the three SOS Villages and Youth Homes we have in the country are safe and are being guarded securely. All of the children living with us in our three Villages in Cairo, Tanta and Alexandria are well protected within the SOS premises.
SOS Children began working in Egypt in 1977 when the first SOS Children's Village was built in the country's capital Cairo. Since then, two further Children’s Villages have been built in Alexandria and Tanta. We also run three SOS Youth Homes for older children, two SOS Nurseries and three SOS Social Centres which work with children and their families in the local community. In total, SOS Children support over 2,000 children in Egypt.