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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Tashkent, Uzbekistan

A child sponsorship report from Tashkent in Uzbekistan. Written in 2010.

Dear sponsor,

It is our great pleasure to express deepest thanks and great gratitude for your generous support to our SOS Children’s Village Tashkent. May we take this opportunity to present our progress report to you.

This year is very notable for our Village, as we are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It would be significant day for all of us and currently preparation for this day is going with full progress.  The SOS Children’s Village Tashkent was opened in June, 2000. Since that time Village succeed a lot. Nowadays there are 74 children in CHILDREN’S VILLAGE Tashkent, who live in 14 happy SOS families.

By this time, 4 adolescents receive support of Semi Independence Living programme. At the same time they are all employed. 12 of our youngsters live in Youth Home number one which was opened last year. 5 youngsters of the second Youth Home are currently living in Village, but they are also planning to move to new building by September of this year.

As every year we keep celebrating all traditional and national holidays of our country. At the beginning of the year, there has been hold various activities devoted to New Year celebrations. During New Year events, children visited ‘President New Year Tree’, New Year event at local ‘Zarafshan’ concert Hall, Independence Square with the decorated New Year tree. As a whole, SOS children spent unforgettable New Year holidays and received a lot of gifts from Government of Uzbekistan and private companies.

In March we have celebrated International Women Day and ‘Navruz’ holiday (Oriental New Year). Famous national singers and special Village guests participated on these holidays. For children and guests there have been cooked national Uzbek meals as ‘sumalak’ (made of wheat), ‘pilav’ and many sweets. Women staff received special gifts.

Recently Village children in cooperation with local school #210 presented special concert programme of classical music, children who attend musical classes took an active part in this concert. Also we hold another musical event - concert of exemplary orchestra of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan. All the children, SOS mothers/aunts and Village staff have actively participated. We all enjoyed these concerts and took memorable photos with musicians.

In April our children participated in special training about ‘Communicative skills development’. 15 youngsters attended training on topic ‘Vocational guidance’. They got information on necessary knowledge for college admission and choice of prospective profession.   April was notable for our Village football team as well. Currently team consists of 23 players; they successfully participated in two friendship football matches. They played with teams called ‘Trammer’ and ‘Yugnaki’ on stadium of Republican Tax Inspectorate. During the game, young football players took memorable pictures and met new friends.  This moth our young village’s football team again made us happy, they played the match with national team called ‘Solikchi’ and won the game. Village players returned from match cheerful and joyful. 

Special trainings and meetings for mothers and staffs are organized to improve their responsibility; therefore our mothers could bring up the children in good way and our staffs could fulfill their works properly. For example, this year for the professional development of SOS mothers/aunts and pedagogical teams were held following trainings: ‘Solution of conflict situation’, ‘Work with problem children’, ‘Sexual education and HIV/AIDS prevention’, ‘Active listening’. There were also special trainings for pedagogues on topics of ‘Interactive methods of teaching and education’ and ‘Child in the centre’.

SOS Children’s Village Tashkent also succeeding in its active projects. As you know last year we have started educational project ‘Quality improvement in public schools and nurserys’, intended for improving the quality of education. This project helped to fully equip computer room in school #49. Now all pupils have access to modern computers. Outlining achievements of Family Strengthening Programme we should mention that due to staff efforts 113 families and 230 children were researched. As a result, all families and children received legal counselling, psychological support and other necessary help.

That’s brief outline of special events that took place in life of our SOS Children’s Village Tashkent. On behalf of children, village mothers-aunts and all of us here, may we take this opportunity to send you our deepest thanks and warmest regards from Tashkent. Your generous support and kind help are meaningful so much for our children. We pray for all of you to have a good health and peaceful life.