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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Nanchang, China

A child from Nanchang, China
A child from Nanchang, China

A child sponsorship report from Nanchang in China. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear sponsors,

SOS Children’s Village

There are 12 SOS Mothers, 5 SOS Aunts and 14 coworkers working together to build homes for 85 orphans now. Among 85 children, 4 little kids are attending the SOS Nursery in the Village, 43 students are studying in primary schools, 23 youngsters in middle schools (including vocational schools), 3 students in high school, 12 students in colleges or universities.

This year is very peaceful and nice. All kids grow up healthy and happy. We have great news to share with you. Before the summer holiday is the last examination for all kids. Most of the kids take great progress of this examination. We have two kids admitted to the best high school of Nanchang. That is very hard for these kids. They pay lot of energy and time to the study. And their SOS mothers are so proud of this. SOS mother’s give all their love to kids. Even we just think the most important thing is that kids can grow up healthy and happy. We are so glad to see that kids cherish the chance become better and better.

Another important thing in China is the World Exhibition or Exposition (World Expo)? All kids are very interested in Word Expo and put lot of attention on this. Through the network, newspapers and TV they know about it. The key mantra of Word Expo is low-carbon life; ‘Better city, Better life.’ In the exhibition hall of Jiang Xi, we show blue and white porcelain to all of world. The blue and white porcelain is on behalf of Jiang Xi's characteristic. That's very beautiful and amazing. 

And we give the best chance for excellent kids to go to Shanghai to visit the World Expo. Kids feel excited for this. They visit the China Pavilion, and know about the development of China. They also visit other Pavilion to know about the culture of other country. They stay in Shang 2 days. The kids take lots of nice pictures. They can share with other SOS friends who can not come to Shanghai. I think that is great summer holiday for these kids.

SOS Youth Home

There are altogether 26 youngsters living in the SOS Youth Home. We keep touch with teachers of these boys to know how they are doing in the school. All the boys grow up a lot. And now they think about that they are all men and can do many things by themselves. They are on their way to be real men.

This year the SOS Youth Home teacher focuses on the youth's teaching. They make study plan for the youth. And keep touch with the teacher of school. And every week, they will hold a meeting that everyone will take apart in. They would talk about the life and study of this week.

SOS Nursery

There are 104 kids in the Nursery, and there are 4 kids that come from our village. We also pay attention to the kid’s learning. This year, we have many kinds of interesting classes which include arts class, language class, dancing class and English class. Every kid can find out what they want to learn or interest in. We also pay attention to the teaching skill of teaches. Having open class, its make teacher learn good way from other teacher to improve herself.

July 15, 2010