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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Lumbini, Nepal

Children from Lumbini, Nepal
Children from Lumbini, Nepal

A child sponsorship report from Lumbini in Nepal. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear Sponsor,

We sincerely extend our heartfelt thanks for your great support and involvement in SOS Children's Villages Nepal and we will always be grateful to you. From the side of SOS Children's Village Lumbini, this is the first letter to our sponsors. So, we would like to welcome all of the sponsors to our project, SOS Children's Village Lumbini.

Lumbini is the birth place of "Lord Buddha", which is therefore known as the sacred place. SOS Children's Village Lumbini is located at this sacred place, which is about 200km west from the capital city Kathmandu and 3.5km far from the main town of Bhairahawa.

The most exciting event of SOS Children's Lumbini is the soft inauguration of one family house was held on 9 th  September 2009 by Mr. Helmut Kutin, President of SOS Childrens Village along with Chairperson of SOS Nepal Mr. Bishwo Keshar Maskey. The event took place just after one year from when the foundation stone was laid in 9th September 2008. At the time of soft inauguration, the Continental Director Ms. M. Shubha, the National Director Mr. S. S. Pradhananga and some others local dignitaries were also present.

As you know that SOS Childrens Village Lumbini is a newly established village, a number of visitors had been coming to visit the village lately. On the month of April, Mr. Walter Funcke Bonnet had visited the village and sponsored for 2 houses. He was very impressed to see the way of upbringing of the children in the village. Similarly, on 15th May, Ms. M. Shubha visited the village again and inaugurated the 'SOS Nursery Lumbini' and one family house.

Although it is very hot here, the children are fine with good health. Only some tiny tots had prickly heat problems and rest others are living happily in the village. In these three months of time, we have admitted 47 children who have lost their parents. Most of the children are from the remote part of the country. The capacity of the village is 150 children in 15 family houses with 21 mothers/ aunts.  Right now we have opened only 7 family houses with 47 children; 23 girls and 24 boys. Some of the family houses are still under construction. The project has an umbrella branch 'SOS Nursery Lumbini' and 6 other buildings for office purpose. "The Stupa", holy structure for Buddhists had been installed at the middle of the village.

SOS Childrens Village Lumbini has many plans to mobilize its facilities. One of them is Family Strengthening Programme. To launch this programme, necessary exercises have been conducting and location is to be identified. The other programme: SOS Nursery Lumbini has already been started in the village. Only 14 children are admitted in the nursery; 13 from the village and 1 from staff. Our village does not have its own school so 31 of the children are admitted in different school, out of the village. Since they have come from different backgrounds and all do not have good education, studying in school only is not enough. Therefore 'Tuition' has been provided to them which would definitely help the children to push up their knowledge. The rest 3 children are infants.

Going on to the activities that have taken place in the village, 24th International SOS Day was celebrated by all the mothers, children and staffs of the Village. It was an absolute historic moment for SOS Children's Village Lumbini family as the event was celebrated here for the first time. Highly impressed by the noble work of SOS, Mr. Mahendra Shrestha, the President of District Chamber of Commerce, mentioned his willingness to support the SOS Village in any way possible in his speech that followed the presentation. The little children of SOS then preformed a cultural dance. There was the prize distribution programme for the mini fun games organized for children, mothers and staffs which was held on 22nd June, 2010. The games helped in making the celebration truly memorable. Then, the Chief District Officer, Mr. Gautam, handed over five new children to mother Kavita Gyawali. He gave a short speech saying that the Nepal Government should also learn the working procedure of SOS Children's Village Nepal. Subsequently, I gave thanks to the invitees for their valuable time and also to the entire SOS family for their immense help and support. I also highlighted about the plans and programmes that are to be conducted by the SOS Children's Village Lumbini in the near future.

The invitees then visited different family houses receipted by the children and the house mothers of respective family houses. They seemed to be impressed by the set- up and the lively environment of the families. Finally, the function was wrapped up by a dinner party to all the children, mothers and the staffs. Likewise, the 'Mothers Day' had also been celebrated by children offering sweets and fruits to the mother and mother blessing her children.

This was a brief report on the current happenings and the condition of the SOS Children's Village Lumbini. Lastly, on behalf of our children, mothers, co-workers, we would like to thank you again for all your deeds for these needy children. We wish your support to shape our children's better future on coming days.

Thank you.


Vijay Jung RanaProject Director