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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Kakiri, Uganda

Children from Kakiri, Uganda
Children from Kakiri, Uganda

A child sponsorship report from Kakiri in Uganda. Written in 2010.

Dear sponsor,

It is interesting how time flies and before we know it, summer is already here and as always we glad that you are still part of our SOS family. We are happy to share with you the news of what has been happening in our first half of 2010. We hope that it will make your summer a fulfilled one!

Child admissions

At the beginning the year, more than 10 children moved from the family houses to the youth home; this is a move many had longed for as they always saw their older siblings join the facility; so far they are faring well in their new location. Although their siblings in the houses felt sad that their elder siblings had left them, they were shortly joined by new children who were admitted to fill the gap. These new children have all adjusted well into their new families and are all enrolled in school. They came together for an official welcome and orientation tour of the facility. The educator spearheaded the orientation and by the end everybody was better acquainted with the place. They were given a chance to express their hopes and fears and thankfully the hopes outweighed the fears. It was the first orientation of this kind for new children and the practice will be carried on, because it has helped them to locate facilities like the school, clinic and even their own family houses which in the past had proved difficult.

The youth and education

As the youth grow into more responsible citizens, they are faced with challenges of how to handle their day to day affairs. To help them overcome these challenges, a new training programme was introduced for some selected youth and the target group was those that are semi-independent either at university or about to join university. This programme handles areas like public speaking, financial management, counselling, business establishment, and other social skills. The training sessions are usually handled during school breaks for those at high school or semester breaks for those at university. Already they are progressing well and so far the feedback from them is encouraging. The village would like to make this happen every year as it is bound to change the outlook on many areas in their lives.

SOS-Medical centre updates

The medical centre continues to be of great value to the children and also the community around. The patients’ number has grown as it happens to offer the best services with in the area. Currently the centre treats over 70 patients per day and the patients are very happy with the services rendered. Apparently, immunization, HIV/Aids Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT), Family health education with the SOS Children’s families and community out each programmes are among the services the centre has been offering since the year begun.

Family Strengthening Programme

In March this year, an out reach programme was organized with a community peer education club to sensitize and create awareness about HIV/Aids virus. This programme was well attended by over 150 youth and a few teachers. The participants were exposed to life skills in self esteem, self awareness and decision making. This programme seemed like an eye opener to the participants who took the lessons learnt seriously. Currently, Family Strengthening Programme is supporting 479 children and so far only one child has graduated from the programme after successfully completing her vocational training.

The SOS Primary School also had an end of year concert with lots of music, dance, drama and poetry. On this occasion students who excelled or had greatly improved in various areas like academics co-curricular activities, leadership and discipline, were rewarded certificates of merit and scholastic materials. Those that had greatly improved were encouraged to work even harder while others were urged to work for the same achievements. It was such a wonderful day to end the year of so many activities as many were looking forward to join new classes in the year 2010.

We have always been grateful for your support and will forever be. We wish you a happy time through out this summer

Yours truly

Caleb Magara

Village Director CHILDREN’S VILLAGE Kakiri