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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Juah Town, Liberia

Children from Juah Town, Liberia
Children from Juah Town, Liberia

A child sponsorship report from Juah Town in Liberia. Written in 2010.

Dear sponsor

The SOS Children’s Village Juah Town Grand Bassa County has in residence 78 children, 42 boys and 36 girls. We are presently operating nine of the twelve family homes.  Creating a child friendly environment is one of our major concerns.  In this regard, the family homes were refurbished, painted with friendly colours and play ground repaired and ready to be used by the children.

The opening of youth home has finally become a reality in the SOS Children’s Village Juah Town. On April 4th 2010 five youth boys moved into house twelve which is presently used temporarily as a home for these youth boys. The training sessions of the youths were conducted as part of our day to day’s activities to also enable the youth to gain more knowledge of how to become independent and be self reliable whenever they have been resettled in time to come. 

On April 5, 2010 an Easter Dinner which is the first of its kind was held in the SOS Children’s Village in Juah Town.  The dinner brought together the children, Mothers, Aunties, Teachers, Educators, other employees of SOS, community members, the Deputy National Director and the Psychologist gracing the occasion. The Dinner was climaxed with an Easter Dance which was very tremendous and exciting.

SOS Nursery Juah Town

The SOS Nursery is serving the community, children from the SOS Village and the scholarship children in Juah Town.  Classes for the academic year 2009 / 2010 resumed on September 1, 2009.

As of September 2009, the SOS Nursery Juah Town runs six classes (TODDLER A & B, GROUP ONE, GROUP TWO A & B AND GROUP THREE) simply because of the increased in population.

The SOS Nursery now has a total enrolment of 120 pupils with 29 pupils from the children’s village and 91 pupils from the community. Of the 29 pupils from the children’s village, 16 are boys while 13 are girls. Out of 91 pupils from the community, 45 are boys and 46 are girls.

As part of its numerous activities during the period under reviewed, first Assembly programme was held during which time the Social Worker served as Guest Speaker for the occasion and spoke to the pupils on the topic ‘obedience’
Education day was celebrated in collaboration with the SOS International School. During the celebration the key issues that were highlighted were: education and the role it plays in the life of any human being. Students were given the chance to express their views on the role of education in their lives today.

The United Nations day was also in the same way celebrated jointly with the SOS International School with the Social Studies teachers explaining in details the role of the UN and the importance of this day to us all.

The SOS Nursery for its first time was able to take her pupils out for sight seeing at the Buchanan Freeport in Grand Bassa County.  Pupils were able to see for themselves ships, boats and the sea. Some of them were terrified when they saw such a large body of water for the first time. When the pupils met the Manager of the port, it was clearly stated that SOS Nursery was the first nursery that has visited the port for sight seeing. He was very impressed for the visit and congratulated the educators of the SOS Nursery for their timely visit at the port and for putting the interests of the pupils above all else.

SOS International School

The SOS International School of Juah Town, the only Junior Secondary School in its locality remains to be a light as it continues to unfold vital education for each child from diverse background by building the child’s mind, skills, and values. Based upon this concept, herein is a comprehensive report of major events carried out during the period under review of the school running year.

There was full participation of pupils/students in extra curricular activities especially when selected students made head way in the County Spelling Bee up to the semi final levels while the Health Club represented the school in a Wash Package workshop organized by UNICEF as part of its Hygiene promotion in Public and Private Schools. Pupils also participated in the Child Protection awareness campaign in the school through the singing of the Child Protection song and learning their rights and responsibilities.

The United Nations Day celebration brought together cross sections of public schools with in the environs of SOS through which specific things about the UN were demonstrated by pupils gathered at said programme. A special Key Note message was delivered by the Company Commander of the Buchanan UNMIL CONTINGENT stressing the need of giving special care and protection to the children irrespective of their backgrounds.

The 2009 WAEC results of 15 students from Grade Six was remarkable in that all passed in the four core subjects (Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies). The School is highly anticipating to greatly achieving success of 13 pupils of Grade 6 and 7 students of grade 9 in the forthcoming 2010 WAEC.

Family Strengthening Programme

Since the inception of the Family Strengthening Programme in Juah Town of Grand Bassa County, it has been massively recruiting both needy families and children. Its objective is to strengthen vulnerable families, and to prevent child abandonment.

The Family Strengthening Programme targeted group to benefit from this life saving programme include; Single parent, chronically ill parents, vulnerable children, Grand parents etc.

Micro businesses, Medical, Education, Feeding, Clothing, Psychosocial support, Shelter etc, will be provided the beneficiaries for a period of three years. As this programme gets on the way, 350 beneficiaries will benefit first during the period of the first year. Starting with District #2, the programme will gradually cover Grand Bassa County depending on the success of the programme from the onset. 

Human Resource and Training

SOS Children’s Village in Juah Town has embarked on the following activities:

  • In January 2010 the village recruited four (4) persons to be trained as SOS mothers/aunties for smooth operation of the homes they are to occupy.
  • From January to March 2010, series of workshops and training sessions were conducted.   These programmes were put in place to give the mothers/aunties in training a comprehensive knowledge in child protection which is our primary focus for the work we do.  Other activities included were the SOS Childrens Village manual review, child psychology, hygiene and many more topics relevant to child rearing.
  • As Child Protection remains a key aspect of our work, series of child protection meetings with SOS mothers, aunties, co-workers, security personnel and other stakeholders in our communities have been held.

Because of your generous contributions all of the above mentioned were made possible to the work of SOS Children’s Village Juah Town.  We say a very big thank you on behalf of the children, mothers and staff of your sponsored facility.

Sincerely yours,

Frances Williams
Village Director