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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Hampolol, Mexico

A family from Hampolol in Mexico
A family from Hampolol in Mexico

A child sponsorship report from Hampolol in Mexico. Written in 2010.

Dear friends,

We are very fortunate to know that we can rely on you because we perceive you are always paying attention of this community development.

The village has spent hope and lovely moments because last Christmas the families joined together to teach their children the meaning of those dates. Three of all the families visited the biological family’s home of the SOS mothers. They shared great and happy moments with the members of the families to whom children consider their own. During those days full of love and brotherhood, the families were fascinated to receive constant and affectionate visits from independent youths. They do not miss these holidays because they search for a loving home in which they cherish many dreams and some woes.

We have done different activities in our community; among them, we can mention one event: a dancing night. The aim was to raise funds and to promote its position within the local community. The activity was a big success and we were satisfied watching the youth who were enjoying the night. Most of them lived their first DJ experience and their SOS mothers and parents of the community liked to watch them dancing.

We have stressed the importance to have a good work environment in order to reduce the SOS mothers and aunts turnover. Nowadays, after half a year, we can notice that we have reached our goal because only one aunt has resigned. We have also set ourselves the goal to have a maximum participation in SOS mothers and aunts’ education, so they can have the tools to provide a real home for their children: stability, love and respect. The success is shown when we see a family integration, happy faces and looks to the future.

Our community has exceptional mothers who show their authentic commitment to their children. Although its location, children and teenagers have good school performance; now, 90% of them have ensured the next school year. It could not have been different because the young people of the Youth facility have set a good example. They all work and most of them have good averages at school.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I send you an affectionate greeting and I wish you peace and blessings to you and your family.

Sincerely Yours,

Lic. Sandra María García Flores
SOS Children’s Village Hampolol