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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Gode, Ethiopia

Children from Gode, Ethiopia
Children from Gode, Ethiopia

A child sponsorship report from Gode, Ethiopia. Written in 2010.

Dear sponsors,

The entire SOS Children's Village family and the rest of the affiliated facilities in Gode would like to extend heartfelt greetings for you and your loved ones. Here comes the time to post you with the over all development of our village. Before all, lots of thanks for your unflagging support.

Children's Village

Currently our village is a loving and secured home for 123(73 male and 50 female) children living in the 12 family houses. In order to make the houses well protective from the very hot weather condition and make them more comfortable for the children we have modified the shades of all the houses with dried local grass. Moreover, we have completed the ground work for building septic-tank based on assessment that ensures safe system of sewerage disposal in the village.


From our village there are currently 73 school-going children while 46 go to the nursery and four are toddlers. This year some of the school-going children's marks have declined as compared to last year's first semester result. As a result, our village educator took the initiative to assess the case in collaboration with the SOS School's management and staff, mothers and the children themselves. Based on the finding, we changed duration and timing of study programme, rearranged home work time, introduced new check list for mothers and educator's to follow up children. And we are hopeful to have the children improve in the approaching final semester.

Life Skill Lessons

To insure overall growth of children, life skill lessons are prepared in our village on various issues. Recently a continuous lesson has been given to children in grade 2 and above on hygiene and avoiding communicable diseases. A nurse from our medical centre gave the lesson for the children.  As always we made family house hygiene supervision and children have shown a lot of improvement on cloth arrangement and cleanliness. Apart from this, value education was also given to 30 children from the village so as to develop their interpersonal communication and respect for others. And the children are showing a lot of change in their way of respect for others especially elderly people.

The other lesson given for children was the lesson on orderliness grouping children according to their age. Children had the opportunity to visit different places like the SOS medical centre's pharmacy and registration room so as to see the importance of arranging things properly. Then, discussions were made with the children on how their properties shall be arranged in order. So far, the result shows children are showing a positive change in handling their property.  In addition, the village's social worker and educator conducted hearing and forward advices to some misbehaving children.

The sports club, children were classified in to 4 boys and 4 girls sport teams with a total of 30 males and 24 females respectively. The objective is to develop their basic skill, physical fitness and entertainment. Accordingly, they started training with a Physical Education professional to train them on basic skills on football, volleyball and table tennis. Moreover, during their first semester break village children also made sport tournaments with children in the neighboring community which created conducive environment for integration with their surrounding on top of the entertainment. 

SOS School and Nursery

The SOS School currently has a total number of 235 students of which 73 are from the SOS village while the rest 162 are from the surrounding community. Compared to the past year, there is a lot of change in the number of students because we have admitted many children from the community at different grade levels.

This year for the first time grade eight students from our school took the national exam which will enable them join high school. So as to help them score their passing marks we did our best by giving tutorial classes and model exams. Meanwhile, we are doing our best in maintaining necessary equipments for the teaching learning process.  In so doing, we bought computers and LCD projector, and school mini media materials. On top of academics, the students also take active part in 11 different school clubs.

During The first semester, parents' day celebration was the most mentionable event of the school. Students who ranked 1st to 3rd were awarded different prizes. Besides, a total of 8 students one from each grade level was given certification of appreciation for their outstanding academic improvements.

Our nursery has also continued providing service for a total of 97 children, 46 from the SOS village and 51 from the surrounding community.

Medical Centre

Our medical centre is contributing a lot especially in decreasing child and maternal mortality and morbidity in Gode zone by rendering standard preventive and curative medical services for mothers and children free of charge.   During the past six months the Medical Centre has given service to a total number of 5,660 patients. From this 2,252 are children and the remaining were adults and females. 12 of our children from the SOS village who had frequent illnesses were also referred to the medical centre. Seven of them were given medication to their skin disease which recurred occasionally. The rest five are having the medical follow up for different eye and ear problems. The physician also ordered oily foods for better absorption of the medicine. Our physicians are observing the remaining children to take proper action and give recommendation.

Once again, many thanks for your incredible help that makes all our activities and the safe growth of children possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Mustefa Haji (Mr.)
Village Director, Gode