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When Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1998, SOS Children Villages mounted an emergency relief programme providing shelter, food and medicines for over 3000 families. Because of the large numbers of orphans and neglected children left in its wake, a new Village was built in one of the worst affected areas in southern Honduras. The Village has 10 family houses which are home to 90 children … more about our charity work in Honduras

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Choluteca, Honduras

Child from Choluteca, Honduras
Child from Choluteca, Honduras

A child sponsorship report from Choluteca in Honduras. Written in 2010.

Dear friends and sponsors:

Receive on behalf of the children, young, mothers, aunts and collaborators of the SOS Children Village Choluteca a warm greeting wishing the Lord bless your life.
The SOS Children Village Choluteca actually counts with 116 children and youth. In May 4 little siblings were returned to the biological home to their father by decision of the court of the minor. Up to the date the village possesses 14 homes formed with a personnel of 19 women attending the children, between them there are 6 mothers SOS, 8 aunts and 5 candidates to mothers who are the ones that cover the homes when the mothers are in their free day or vacations also more of three collaborators in the administrative area (the director, assistant and executive secretary and the motorist).

The majority of children already grew, the majority population Centres in preadolescent and teen, only 4 children receive early stimulation, 3 in nursery, 62 in primary (20 of them are in fifth grade), 42 of secondary, and 5 in vocational (1 of beauty and cosmetology, 1 in a cut and confection, in crafts), they all are adapted young persons, most of them following their dream of turning into men and women of good, with a profession that allows them to have a worthy future and form their own family.

We are proud of our young persons because day after day they are announced in his Centres of studies as good students, such it is the case of a young woman who graduate this year of Baccalaureate in community health, supporting the first academic place of the whole area of health, is a girl who has her goals clear she wants to be a doctor, expresses that she feels proud of grown in the Village and to be an example of overcoming.

We are preparing ourselves to initiate next year the juvenile community both of misses and of males, we’re looking for certificated people to be youth counselors which fill the youth needs and expectations.

The infrastructure and the garden receives permanent maintenance, one of the changes in this area is that no one except the children are in charge of the garden they all have an area assigned and they take care of it very well and the Village look always green and clean thank to the effort of the children to assume their responsibility and dedication to the Village.

With this information we say good bye and hope to send you more news soon.

Jose Rodolfo Cruz


SOS Children Village Choluteca