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What Christmas means to me

What Christmas means to me

Christmas means many different things to people. 14-year-old Zandalee from SOS Children's Village Cape Town lets us know what it means to her …

SOS Children's Village Cape Town celebrates Christmas by taking the children on a day's outing at the beginning of December. "We take all the children for a fun day early because soon after most of them go to their relatives or foster families in the community for their holidays," said village director Dawie Marais. "Those children who stay at the Village celebrate Christmas with their SOS moms in their family units." This year the children are going to a farm in Malmesbury.

Zandalee, who has been at the village for just over ten years of her 14-year-life, explains what Christmas now means to her:

 "Christmas means the birth of Christ. Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December in a stable. Christmas is basically Jesus' Father giving us a free gift, His Son. Christians celebrate this day on the 25th of December. We call this day Christmas. Other people believe in Saint Nicolos. This good man spent most of his life giving children free gifts. They celebrate on the 25th of December the good deed this man did."

Christians give presents to each other because Jesus was a free gift from God. God gave his only Son, so Christians give gifts because it/the gifts represent God giving his son Jesus as a gift to us. On Christmas day Christians go to church in the morning and in the evening. They have a nice dinner and give each other presents.

On Christmas day I believe that family should be together (old, young and even small ect). The house must/can be decorated. A tree, lights and a tree full of presents underneath it. But most of all the family together. We forgive and forget all the people who hurt us during the year. We laugh and have a good time together. People make wishes and goals for next year. Christians thank God for protecting them that year and pray for protection for the year to come. The turkey fills our tummies and the presents put a smile on our faces, it’s the best time of the year!"

If you would like to help a child like Zandalee have the chance of a family life and a happy childhood why not sponsor a child this Christmas?