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SOS Children Christmas Appeal 2010

A child from Nairobi in the Christmas spirit
A child from Nairobi in the Christmas spirit

With Christmas fast approaching, child sponsorships and charity donations are two ways you can help SOS Children provide for orphaned and abandoned children

“Love is what is in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen”  SOS child

For many of us Christmas is a time for thinking about others and child sponsorship is a positive way to provide support a child who needs your help. With SOS Children, 100% of your support goes directly out to the location where your sponsored child lives without any deductions in the UK.  

Child sponsorship at Christmas time

Still thinking about the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or family member? A Christmas present of a child sponsorship for loved ones or colleagues can easily be set up on our website. We believe that a child sponsorship can be a really meaningful Christmas gift, bringing joy and a lasting relationship between a child sponsor and their sponsored child. Perhaps you are even thinking about the New Year and would like to set up a child sponsorship to kick start your New Year's resolutions.

On our secure web page for child sponsorship please use the special 'instructions' box to explain what you would like us to do.

After 15 December we cannot guarantee you will receive a pack in time to hand over on Christmas day but we will send you a letter for the lucky recipient saying "a child has been sponsored for you and details will be sent very soon". It's a special Christmas gift which is very personal and the details of their sponsored child would be sent early in the New Year.

You can read more about child sponsorship at Christmas time

Another type of gift we offer are alternative charity gifts which support children in the Gambia. By buying an alternative gift, you are buying the gift of education, healthcare or food and clean water for children in SOS Children's Village Basse, Gambia.

Christmas Holiday festivities worldwide with SOS children

Just like any other family at Christmas time, an SOS mother and her SOS children will stay together, like a real family for the festive period.

In the run up to Christmas day, there's nothing that compares to seeing the delight on children's faces; seeing them enjoy decorating the family home; helping the family prepare for the day's celebrations; making popular food...the list is endless.

Families come together, spending time with one another, singing, cooking, celebrating and enjoying the festivites. In Cameroon, Christmas is celebrated with traditions from all over the world. And in South Africa, where Christmas falls in the middle of the Summer, an SOS mother from Port Elizabeth explains how her SOS children celebrate Christmas, whilst in Ennerdale, Christmas is also celebrated with happiness.

Thankyou for thinking about SOS Children this Christmas time


SOS Children 2010

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