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Pakistan emergency relief update

Pakistan emergency relief update

An update from our emergency relief programme in Pakista, where flooding has brought devastation to many parts of the country. Read reports from key locations.

An update from our colleagues in Pakistan:

Although the floodwaters have finally subsided in most areas, the catastrophe and its impacts are not over yet. Sadly, the media is fickle by nature and quickly moves on to other sensational news as it occurs. The crisis has largely abated but we continue to search out areas that are still in need of assistance. When identified, arrangements are made to get supplies to them. The pace of our distribution has slowed down but we are concentrating on really deserving people and will continue into the winter months.

Some newspaper reports to give an idea of the situation:

October 28, 2010 OCHA
SITUATION OVERVIEW……Sindh […] Water is receding from parts of the province but large areas, mostly in Dadu and Jamshoro districts, are expected to remain under water for up to six months. In these areas, prolonged relief assistance will be required. […] There are significant gaps in funding, operational partners, and access to areas which remain flooded.

October 30, 2010 The News
International aid agency Oxfam warned that three months into Pakistan’s unprecedented flood crisis funds were drying up, putting millions at risk with swathes of farmland still under water.

November 06, 2010 The News
Unicef spokeswomen Marixie Mercado […] For millions of flood-hit Pakistanis, emergency aid “is a question of survival, particularly since the coming winter months will pose new challenges for already vulnerable families,”

November 08, 2010 The News – Lead editorial
“Hard to believe it may be, but there are about 50,000 people – half of them children – in Dadu district stranded on a small island and dependent for resupply on boat and air drops. The water that arrived three months ago is for many still there, and they are the ones who are now at greatest risk because the aid agencies that help them are running out of money and there could be a wholesale scaling-back of services by the end of December. […] It is erroneous to consider ourselves in a ‘post-flood’ situation. The floods are persisting for many who remain displaced, their land still under water […] For many of these people they will lose two crop cycles, leaving them aid-dependent for three cycles – a year, at least. For those living in the north of the country the situation is particularly acute with the onset of winter. Many are homeless and totally dependent of aid to sustain life. […] To the south people face malnutrition, polio, diphtheria, dengue fever and malaria.”

The following additional distribution has been carried out since the last report bringing the total number of food packages to 60,650.

Area of distribution Number of food packages
Sindh (Sukkar) 1000
Gandakha 1000
Rahmiyar Khan 500
Multan district 1000
Bahawalpur 1000
Muzaffargarh 500
Total 5000
Previous 55650
Grand total 60650