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Children from CV Tirana Albania
Children in Albania face life growing up in one of Europe's poorest and least developed countries. Many drop out of school to work instead, while girls are vulnerable to human trafficking. The standard of care for lone children is very low, and it is this which prompted SOS Children's Villages to begin work in Albania in 1992. … more about our charity work in Albania

Christmas letter by a child from SOS Village

A Christmas drawing by a child from Albania
A Christmas drawing by a child from Albania

A christmas letter to Santa by a child from SOS Children in Albania

Dear Santa,

Finally Christmas and New Year arrived again! Christmas and New Year are my favourite, of course, except my birthday. In this season it starts snowing in a lot of different places, but here in Tirana it doesn't and for us is not a problem because we are used to this. Anyway, we go for winter vacation in places with snow and do ice skating. Of course, we take all those presents, organise barbecues and parties. Everyone has a great time with each other and put behind all those bad things and all stress from work.

My favourite part is when we all get together and sing the Christmas song or when we start counting from the bottom to the top waiting for New Year. In that night there is only one thing that I wish for: my biological family to be part of this. But it doesn't matter because I'll go there after New Year. I love them very much and I miss them. Anyway, my SOS family doesn't let me to be upset; they support me in everything and give me all the love that I need. I love my SOS family too. Some of us are upset because school has just finished. They missed their friends and classes.

Santa, did you know that when I was a little girl I wanted to be a lot of things: teacher, doctor, cooker like my SOS mother and one of them was being one of your magical elves to help you with the presents for little kids all around the world. That would be great! But, now I don't think so.

Wow! I have never thought that Christmas could arrive so fast! Merry Christmas, merry Christmas! This phrase is everywhere. We were all waiting to put all Christmas stuff all over the house. At the moment that Christmas comes, every house of the world feels warm and full of love! The whole house starts looking more beautiful with balls, balloons and a lot of colourful streams! In a corner of the house is a big balloon that looks like is going to explode in every moment. Hey, look, there's is another there, here, everywhere and from every corner of it is a red stream. On some parts of the wall are a lot of shining lights, some of them with music and some not. As soon as the night covered the city, we turn the lights off and the house is shining like in the middle of it there is a giant disco globe.

Now my favourite part is when mother and all kids make the Christmas tree which stands in the middle of the house. The tree is big, green and around it are colourful streams. In her are balls, little Santa's, snow flakes from cotton, deer and shining lights with different colours. At last: on top of the tree is a big yellow star that is always shinning so bright! I love the winter season because of a lot of things and one of them is to make the house ready for Christmas and New Year!

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

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