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Christmas in Bindura

Christmas in Bindura

Pupils from SOS Primary School Bindura in Zimbabwe share their Christmas thoughts...


Christmas is an important day. We all love Christmas day. It is the day we remember the birth of our Christ. On this day, everyone will be celebrating. On Christmas day people will be giving each other presents and gifts. People will be preparing Christmas trees with lights. Father Christmas will come and give people presents. People will be singing songs about Christmas. Everyone will be enjoying himself or herself. We will be baking scones and cakes. Christmas is the day that we remember the birth of our Jesus Christ. 


Christmas is the same as your birthday but there is one thing different - the whole world is celebrating. Love comes down at Christmas like white snow flowing. Love overflows. We need love on Christmas. Christmas is the best thing that ever happened to men.


Christmas is the day that we remember Jesus birth. When it was 25 December 2005 when I went home to Harare to celebrate Christmas with my parents. I went to my sister's house. When my parents arrived at my sister's house, my sister said, "Happy Christmas". We saw Father Christmas. We were happy Christmas on 25 December. My mother bought me a nice shirt on the Christmas.


Many people forget that on 25 December we celebrate the birth of Jesus. They are more interested in eating, drinking and presents. Christians remember the gifts of the wise men that they gave to baby Jesus. This teaches us to give each other presents during Christmas.


What a wonderful gift from god. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, presents are the order of the day. Christmas - I wish it was Christmas all year round.


Christmas is the day we all remember. This is the day we all remember because it's an important day. The day our saviour Jesus Christ was born. Everyone celebrates it all around the world. On this day people show how they love each other. Others buy cards to show how they care. Even in heaven angels celebrate too. They sing with joy. On this day some people go to church. On this day people show how the love, obey, care and respect our saviour Jesus Christ.


When we think about Christmas we feel very happy. It is the day we celebrate about Jesus birth on the 25 December. Joy. Joy comes to us Christians we share hope and happiness Jesus helps us Christians to have Christmas.


Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas comes once a year. It is a time of giving and receiving. People give clothes and food to their friends. Parents buy clothes, food, drinks and sweets for their friends. Others buy Christmas cards and presents giving to each other. Christmas day is a day when everyone must be happy. Some people play music in their homes. People eat different types of foods. Others drink beer [...] and others drink soft drinks. We eat chicken, beef and other delicious food at Christmas. At Christmas people visit their friends and relatives. Everyone enjoys Christmas Day.


Christmas day is the day we all celebrate Jesus birth. It is the day that people will be happy and showing love to each other. People will be giving each other presents and gifts. In heaven too, angels will be singing songs celebrating Jesus birthday. So Christmas is the day that people show respect and obedience to Jesus.

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