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Celebrating Christmas in Bangladesh

Celebrating Christmas in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country, where the number of people following other religions is limited to a few. However, at SOS Children's Village Dhaka, one of the fifteen family houses belongs to a Christian family.

Mother Jhuma and her children celebrate Christmas with great joy. And it's not just one family celebrating Christmas but the entire Village joins them in their celebrations. The Village Director tells about how the celebrations take place. "Every year Jhuma and her family celebrate Christmas with joy, enthusiasm and religious rituals". Mother Jhuma decorates her house and gives it a new colourful look. She makes a symbolic birth place of Jesus Christ in a corner of the house.  

On Christmas Eve the family go to church together and take part in the special prayer. The historical background of the birth of Jesus and his ideology is focused on in the church and special religious songs are sung.  Everybody prays to God for the wellbeing of all mankind.  

On Christmas Day various types of delicious food are prepared at home including cakes.  Mother Jhuma invites all the mothers, children and staff to mark the occasion and everybody joins them and exchanges good wishes. They also exchange gifts and cards with neighbours and well wishers.  

A special excursion programme is arranged for the children and mothers. Usually two to three families in the Village go for an outing. Mostly they go out to a movie and let this special day come to an end."

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from SOS Children's Village Dhaka!

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