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Christmas according to Akou!

Christmas according to Akou!

Akou, from SOS Children's Village Lome in Togo, tells us what Christmas means to him...

Akou is eleven years old and lives at the SOS Children's Village Lome in Togo. He is in his first year at secondary school. He is already in the mood for Christmas, like most people throughout the world.

What does Christmas represent to you?
To me Christmas is a great 'fete' (party, feast).

What is a typical Christmas Day at SOS Children's Village Lome?
We start preparing for Christmas at the Village from the day we go on holidays onwards. We are always invited to attend parties with our friends. On Christmas Eve, we put an end to the preparations. On Christmas day, we first go to church before engaging in any other activities. Some of us let off fire crackers. We eat very good food during lunch. At 3pm we gather at the multipurpose hall so that the festivities can start. There, we wait for Father Christmas and do music and in games. Once Father Christmas has arrived, he gives us presents, and the 'fete' continues until later.

Who does the cooking on Christmas?
We all help our SOS mother and cook as a family on Christmas.

Who decorates the Christmas tree?
My older brother is the one in charge of decorating the Christmas tree. The tree is always decorated with lightings and balls. What I like most about this decoration is the small angels and doves.

What is your agenda for the season?
19 December I will go to the market with my brothers and mummy to do the Christmas shopping
20 December I have an invitation to attend a party with my classmates
21 December I will take a walk with my friends
22 December I have an invitation for visiting the national museum
23 December I will go to the beach with my brothers, my sisters and my friends
24 December I will sing Christmas carols and recite poems on the birth of Jesus Christ
25 December is Christmas Day. I will go to church, eat, drink, dance and visit my friends.

How do you do the shopping for Christmas?

We always go to the market with our mom for the Christmas shopping. We divide into two groups; one with the girls and another one with the boys. The girls go first with our mom, and the day after comes the tour of the boys. At the end, all the children are happy because each one got what he or she wanted for the 'fete'.

Did you already get your Christmas present?

No, I have not received my Christmas present yet

What would you like to have as a Christmas present?

I would like to have a bike

What would you like to eat on Christmas day?
On Christmas day, I would like to eat roast fish with French fries

What is your best Christmas memory?
My best memory is about my mother not giving me my birthday present on my birthday. At Christmas, she asked me to clean my bedroom. When I turned and left, she put the present on the table and asked me to come back again. I was happily surprised to find the present. In fact, she did not want me to do the cleaning as she said, but she just wanted to surprise me with the present!

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