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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Tianjin, China

A child from Tianjin, China
A child from Tianjin, China

A child sponsorship report from Tianjin in China. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear Sponsors, Dear friends,

Thanks to your generous help, all of the SOS children are very happy to live with their SOS mothers and sisters and brothers.

By the end of June, there are altogether 133 children living in the village. Among them, 101 children live in families and 32 children in Youth Home.

The village takes advantage of winter holidays to hold various interesting activities for SOS kids in order that they could live a meaningful and wonderful holiday. First of all, the village summarizes the whole semester for different age of children and hold discussions with them, including: a. to find out your own advantages and disadvantages both in morality and academic study, b.visioning the future, to make a plan for yourself, etc., what’s your immediate goal and long-term goal?

Teachers guide the kids to take part in the discussion, and some of them come out with their thoughts and admit the disadvantages frankly, and they also help the others to find out disadvantages and correct them. Finally the discussion is very active and kids are all love to join it. Furthermore, the village starts Chess class and aeromodelling interesting group for kids to enrich their spare time, on the basis of routine special talent classes for calligraphy, painting and dancing. In this winter holiday, the kids communicate with Yaohua middle school students on the theme of mental health, and they also take part in the quiz with Amway staff on preventing the swine flu. The village projects the film “Charging out Amazon” in SOS Social Centre, which is the most interesting moment for kids. 

It’s very pleased that our kid, a girl, is regarded as the merit student of municipal level in this semester. Meanwhile, we have 40 kids to win the scholarship from Senshi fund. On this International Women’s Day, Dongli maternal and child care service centre came to the village and gave physical check-up for SOS mothers and kids. And the retired officers in Hedong district donate books for SOS reading room, so that the kids can read more books in their spare time. In the first half of year, the village recruits 4 new SOS aunts and holds 10-day’s training for them. Now through the internship in SOS families, they have known more about SOS work and can take over SOS families when SOS mother on vacation.

Thank you again for your care and dedication for all of the SOS kids.


Wang Zhenlin

Village Director of SOS Children’s Village of Tianjin, China