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Girl from SOS SC Sarajevo Bosnia
By 1994, the war in Bosnia had affected countless young lives. SOS Children's Villages stepped in to help children and families suffering in the conflict, and has remained in Bosnia ever since, providing care to children who have lost their parents, and supporting communities in Sarajevo and Gracanica. … more about our charity work in Bosnia

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Sarajevo, Bosnia

Two sos children in Sarajevo
Two sos children in Sarajevo

A child sponsorship report from Sarajevo in Bosnia. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear sponsor,

Days went by swiftly and it is time for the news from us. SOS-Children's Village Sarajevo is living the same life, full of joy, happiness, some problems, many challenges, just like any other family. This year thirteen children will leave Children's Village and start to live in SOS Youth Home, which is another way of SOS care for young adults. It is the place where they are preparing for independent life, learn life skills and learn taking care themselves.

Another thing that we are proud of is four babies who came to live in our SOS Village. They are real refreshment, not only for SOS mothers and families, but for the whole Village. It is wonderful to walk around the Village, to smell spring roses, under the sunshine and to see baby carts in front of the houses, to hear children's laughter and seeing them play.

This year we want to tell you the story about girl who came to Village when she was little. She is adult person now, responsible and independent. She is the real example like in a story of Ugly Duckling. She was really vivacious little girl, often aggressive and very stubborn. It was difficult to communicate with her because she didn’t want to change herself. She was always fighting and getting in conflicts with other children. Whole team of co-workers pedagogues, psychologists, social worker and teachers tried to help her, but she didn’t accept that kind of help. We were afraid how she will adjust to Youth Home or even later when she becomes independent.

With big efforts and support she finished Secondary School – vocational training for cook. During the Secondary School she started to discover her own beauty. Earlier, she was dressing and haircutting like a boy, but later she started to wear skirts, make-up, and have modern haircut. She is now in semi-independent programme, which is period of SOS care where children are still supported by us but are living independently. She is working in one good restaurant as chefs assistant. She is being responsible to herself and others she is cooking and paying bills and saves money for the future. She surprised us with her maturity and responsibility. That independent girl is a symbol of our final goal – all efforts seem worth only when we see her grown up and having succeeded – it is something that push us forward.

SOS Children’s Village Sarajevo is favourite place for visits to most people who come to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recently, we had one special visit - we have been visited by Dr. Elisabeth Rhen, chairman of International Humanists’ League. She was guest of one SOS family and she learned what our vision and mission is all about. She came with very specific goal – to tell us the great news – that SOS Children’s Villages Bosnia and Herzegovina was the winner of golden reward ‘Child’s smile’ given by International Humanists League to the organisation having the mission worth promoting.

We are grateful that you are the part of our efforts, part of the life of our children, part of our daily thoughts. That is why I send you many positive thoughts and wish you all the best in these rocky times. This and every other reward is yours reward too!