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Burkina Faso's second SOS Children's Village at Bobo-Dioulasso, near the western border with Mali was opened in 2004. It has twelve family houses for 120 children, a three-room nursery school for 150 children, a combined primary and secondary school for 900 children and a clinic for both the local people and the SOS families. … more about our charity work in Burkina Faso

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Mother and child from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Mother and child from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

A child sponsorship report from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Written in 2010

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear sponsor,

The children of the SOS Village of Ouagadougou have been able to live a harmonious life again this year. Their family life has improved very much.  That would not have been possible without your continuous help. We are grateful to you.

Today, there are a hundred and eighteen (118) children, fifty-four (54) girls and sixty-four (64) boys in SOS Children’s Village of Ouagadougou.  To get their full blossoming, the village is developing several types of activities taking into account the age, the gender and the option of every child.

This year 2010, the pedagogical team, into account the children’s age has put in place a drawing, painting and pottery workshop; the objective of these workshops is to permit them to learn how to draw and beautify their environment.  During the pottery workshop, some children learn how to make toys, pots, plates, dishes, mortars, pestles…) so that they can be used at home to the profit of their younger brothers and sisters. The children that you sponsor are interested in this new activity because they are involved from the beginning to the end and they master the different steps namely (looking for the clay, pounding it, sieving it, moulding it and using it to make toys).  The carpentry workshop was adapted to the children’s age and needs; the children learn and make small cars, miniature furnitures and puzzle games. So is it for sewing workshop where they learn to make little bags to keep their tooth brushes, tooth paste and clothes for the dolls.

Some children admitted during this year 2010 are being initiated to knitting and soap making, they have therefore learnt how to identify the material used and know the different steps in soap making and knitting. They got familiar to working on the land by gardening. They were taught to identify the seed, nursery (for plants) to pick out and take care of them.

Entertainment activities

The children released by attending two theatre plays during (FITD), International Theatre Festival for the Development. The two plays led the emphasis on girls schooling and funeral celebration in the Mossi country (an ethnic group in Burkina Faso).

Our sponsored children, during the Child’s International day, prepared and performed a play which pointed out the girls’ right to go to school. It was the opportunity to sensitize the parents, their peers on the children’s rights and duties. They really enjoyed themselves through dances accompanied by an artist who was a very well-known and well appreciated by the population in general and by the children particularly.

The children newly admitted before the pre-school age, have regularly access to entertainment games and relaxation at Faso Parc (a game yard for children).

Jobs discovery

The children realized outings to visit and exchange, namely the railway-station, a cereals processing factory, the fruit and vegetables market. This activity permitted the children to understand the functioning mechanism of the train and the factories, the advantages and difficulties got by a train driver and the workers within the factory.

Some children prepared and realized a radio broadcasting entitled ‘children’s world’. It was an amusing and blossoming framework as it permitted to improve the oral expression.

Cultural, sport and religious activities

The children that you sponsor received a supervision in traditional and modern dances, sketch and theatre. In fact, it is with these different cultural and artistic troupes that the children amazed the audience during the celebrations and birthdays such as: SOS festival, ends of school year festivals and the worlds game of peace.

On the sport level, every child belonging to a team in his age group achieved sport competitions with the surrounding. Some children belong to associations.  In these different movements, they learnt the virtues and values of the society (politeness, neighbor respect and the respect of the common goods, the knowledge of the fatherland…).

We have achieved the following activities since January:

  • Practical life activities,
  • Education,
  • Pre-reading
  • Pre-mathematics,
  • Scientific awakening activities,
  • Creative and manual activities

Children literature with songs, poetry, counting rhythms, stories, album presentations (children’s books) then promenade classes, visits and outings like the last one which led us to a goat cheese making unit, and to a breeding farm of live stocks (cows, oxen) at 25 kms from the SOS children’s Village.

To finish, we can say that all these activities had been possible only thanks to:  The children’s good health, their growth kept by the hygiene and cleanliness notions taught and inculcated to the children of the surrounding. Theses notions are sometimes enlarged to the families; a safe and regular food offered by the canteen in SOS School, a daily snack offered to every child in SOS Nursery, the medical care given by the SOS Children’s Village dispensary, the respect of vaccination calendar of every child according to the national vaccination programme.

As for SOS School in Ouagadougou, there are today two hundred and sixty-six (266) pupils, a hundred and thirty- six (136) girls and a hundred and thirty (130) boys. This is a mixture of children from the SOS Children’s Village and underprivileged children from the surrounding.

On the schooling level, this year, we received satisfactory results at the primary school certificate exam. We registered a success rate of 87%. For the other classes, the next evaluation will be on 2 or 9 July 2010.

As for the Youth Home, the present number of youth is a hundred and three (103), fifty-three (53) girls and fifty-one (51) boys.  The young people participated with much interest in meeting organized by the Home. They made an outing at ‘Bangréwéogo’ a national park where they took part in an educational talk on nicotinism and sexuality. The Youth Home guides and supports youth who want to set their own business. They are now 18 youth.

We thank you once more for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Célestine GUENDA

Sponsorships Coordinator