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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from N'Djamena, Chad

Mothers and child from N'Djamena
Mothers and child from N'Djamena

A child sponsorship report from N'Djamena in Chad. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear sponsors,

We are pleased to provide you with some new information related to SOS Children Villages of Chad for the first half of the year 2010. First, receive our warm greetings from N’Djamena where the temperature turns between 42 and 50°C accompanied by the dry winds of Harmattan. No drop of rains touched the town of N’Djamena whereas each year they sprinkled the city since May.

During this six-month period, the politico-military situation was calm because confrontations between governmental forces and rebels did not take place. The presence of the United Nations forces in the east of the country and the normalization of the diplomatic relations between Sudan and Chad contributed to this lull.   Politically speaking, movements are starting all over the country in prelude to the legislative and communal elections of next November. The electoral census has been taking place since one month in order to count the elective population. A new government was formed last March.

In the socio-economic field, the situation is still alarming because of the living high cost. The households always meet with difficulties to nourish and to lodge themselves.

During this semester, the Children Village SOS of N’Djamena did not register any admission and any departure of child. The number of the children remains at 120. .

As for the SOS School and the SOS Nursery, school activities were held well with a number of 247 pupils at the SOS elementary school and 75 at the nursery. From this number, 109 pupils come from the village children SOS of N’Djamena and 50 from the Family Strengthening Programme.  The remainder comes from the surrounding communities.

On the number of the school, 24 pupils are presented to the college entrance examination and 27 at the Chadian Certificate of the Primary School Study (CEPET). We hope all these children will succeed.

In the field of the advocacy for the child rights, several sessions of training on the promotion, the respect and the protection of these rights were organized towards SOS collaborators. The new child protection policy was popularized towards SOS co-workers and Family Strengthening Programme beneficiaries.

On the plan of Family Strengthening Programme, activities of food aids distributions, school and medical follow-up of the children and beneficiary adult of this programme were carried out. In total, 639 orphans and vulnerable children and 169 adults’ tutors derived from 169 families profit from the services of this programme. And to provide to the needs of these recipients, the UNICEF contributes jointly to the financing of the programme with SOS Children Villages Chad.

Therefore, we would like to thank you for your contribution and your generous support without which we could not have reached our goals. Thanks to your generosity, hundreds and hundreds of children find the hope to a better future.

Yours faithfully,
The Village’s Director
Abdelkerim Mahamat Abdelkerim