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SOS Children's Villages began caring for orphans in Burundi in 1977, and following the outbreak of civil war in 1993, launched an emergency aid programme in the Muyinga Province of Burundi, for war orphans. This became the third permanent Children's Village, of four today. … more about our charity work in Burundi

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Muyinga, Burundi

Children from Muyinga, Burundi
Children from Muyinga, Burundi

A child sponsorship report from Muyinga in Burundi. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear friend,

In this midpoint of the year 2010, it is a great pleasure for us to send you, on behalf of all the SOS Children’s Village community of Muyinga, our greetings and thanks for the support that you always provide to us. It is with that support that we manage to carry out our commitments and obligations related to education of all our children and youths in our care.

Our village takes in 150 children who live in 15 SOS family houses of whom a young girl is preparing herself for her resettlement before the end of this year and 169 youngsters are living in our youth facilities and boarding schools or reunited with their biological families, still supported by the SOS children’s Village.

School-wise, the success rate of our children that attend primary school has remained the same in the first term and in the second term that is 86.84%.

For youngsters from public secondary schools, they did not regularly pass their exams due to a teachers’ strike related to pay claims that hamstrung school activities during two months. As for youngsters from private schools, results are satisfactory with a 91.66% success rate in the second term against 90.12% in the first.

Still talking about youths’ academic work, it is worth mentioning the success of two students in the entrance exam at the International College of Ghana for this 2010 edition, thus rejoining there two other youths from our SOS Children’s Village.

Another chapter, it is deplorable that 5 youngsters attending a training in driving did not pass the theoretical on account of their low intellectual level. As they going to retake the test soon, we do hope that with enhancement sessions, results will be better.

As regards health care, children who are ill and therefore need specialized care one of them under diabetic treatment were regularly transferred to Bujumbura for appropriate care. Moreover, awareness sessions against HIV/AIDS were held by the nurse from the Village for our youths during the second term holidays.

In order to better advocate child rights, SOS family councils including children and youths living in SOS youth homes of Muyinga were set up. This will enable our children/youths to participate in the decision making concerning them and thus enhancing their empowerment.

The Village was had for the 3rd time the happy occasion to take part in wedding ceremonies of the young girl from the village on April 17th, 2010 in addition to two other weddings celebrated in 2009.

In order to provide a moral and spiritual education to our children, together with their biological families, 5 of our SOS children were christened during the Easter evening whereas others were last May of the same year, while other children from grade 6 are simultaneously preparing themselves to baptism and confirmation respectively in June and in July.

With regard to our SOS primary school of Muyinga, there are 431 pupils including 206 girls and 225 boys. Among them, 114 are SOS children and 317 are from the community among whom 16 are from destitute families and are benefiting from school award of the Organization   through our Family Strengthening Programme. As for the second term results, the success rate is 95.43% against 95.82 % in the first term.

As regard blossoming of our children and youths, a football match opposing those saying in Bujumbura and the ones living in the youth facilities of Muyinga was played. This was to make an end to the activities of the year 2009 and to begin the ones of the year 2010 in a very good atmosphere.

In order to relieve some of the issues of the surrounding population, our Family Strengthening Programme continues to intervene in favour of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVCs). Currently, we are supporting 409 vulnerable children divided up into 104 families. In this way, 23 youths from the surrounding community are being trained in car repairing through the same Programme. This training is provided by a local Non-Governmental-Organisation with which we signed a training contract.

As regards to the socio-economic aspect, the life in households is still difficult due to repeated increase in prices of first need foodstuffs. This impoverishment of the population as consequences that companies close down or economic operators do not invest. This situation is worrying for the social rehabilitation of our youths confronted to unemployment after their education.

Dear friend, we could not finish this report without expressing you once again our profound gratitude for your support both moral and financial which remains more necessary.


Village Director