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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Kaifeng, China

Child from Kaifeng, China
Child from Kaifeng, China

A child sponsorship report from Kaifeng in China. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear Friend,

We are very happy to report you the most important events and lives of the Children in SOS Children’s Village Kaifeng, and we hope that everything with you is fine.

In the first half of this year, China suffered big disasters of earthquake in Yushu, Gansu province, and drought in southwest china, the loss was great. All the co-workers and SOS mothers donated money to the stricken areas. As we know, the influence of world-wide economic crises is still exiting, and some countries in the eurozone are experiencing financial debt problems, since most of SOS Children’s sponsors and donors are from European countries, we are facing financial difficulties naturally. Our village has to cancel or postpone some construction items which were planned several years ago. At the same time, we have more and more college and university students, and we need more money to pay their tuitions, but every year’s budget is limited. Though the local government has agreed to support part of expenses of each new college student, there is a still big gap.

There is a new bus line of No.28 just in front of our village, which can take us to the Centre of the city, with it we have four bus lines near our village, also a road near our village is being built, so it will be more convenient for us to go out in the future. A big market of food is going to be constructed on the unoccupied space next to our village.

In this year’s spring, the infective disease called HFMD (hand, foot and mouth disease) in our city is still spreading, but not as severe as last year. Since we have gained enough experience to prevent and cure such disease, no children in our village have caught the disease up to this moment.

Recently, in China, several killing accidents and violent attacks against children happened in primary schools and nurseries, more than ten children were killed and many more were injured, which had bad influences on social safety. In light of the bloody attacks, China has tightened security for all kinds of schools. Our village attached great importance on all the children’s safety, and security measures in nursery and family houses have be fully implemented, we are fully prepared to respond to any possible emergencies and incidents, so as to secure a safe environment for all kids.

At moment, there are 14 SOS Mothers, 5 SOS Aunts and 8 staff serving for 172 orphans. Among 172 children, 11 little kids are in SOS Nursery in the Village, 50 students are studying in elementary schools, and 15 students in colleges or universities, and the rest are in middle schools and vocational schools. In June, 4 boys from Youth House and 7 girls from families graduated from high school. Most of them took part in the College Entrance Examinations, which is the most important examination for the high school students. 3 boys from the Youth House had no need to take the exam, for they had received the admission of a college through special test organized by the school. At moment we do not know the rest students’ scores, and we believe that they can enter a satisfactory university. Because they have been studying very hard since, and they know it is more difficult for them to be admitted by college, even they have high scores, for Henan Province has the largest number of population in China, and there are less colleges and universities.  Also in June, 3 children took part in the entrance examination to high school. If their scores are good enough, they can enter a better high school, otherwise, they have to choose common high school or technical school for profession training. Also we hope that they are satisfied with their final choice, of course, we will give them our help and advice.

In this first half year, we welcomed two new colleagues, one is our village director assistant, and another is village educator. Since the former director assistant retired in 2007, the place has been vacant. The new director assistant has good ability for administrating village houses and serving SOS mothers. The village educator was recruited by public test and recruiting after fierce competition. She is so excellent and is competent enough to fill that position.

All the SOS mothers in our village have kind heart and have been devoted themselves to the cause of caring orphans. They were beloved by their children, and also acknowledged by the whole society. Ma Naiqin, the SOS mother in House 11, was awarded the title of “The Best Ten Mothers in Kaifeng” by Kaifeng Propaganda Department, Kaifeng Woman Federation and Kaifeng Daily Newspaper. She was invited to the commending meeting on 5th, May, this was a great encourage for our village as well as for all the SOS mothers.

Ahead of Int'l Children's Day, leaders of Kaifeng Civil Affairs Bureau visited our village and brought gifts for the children. A Company of Real Estate in Zhengzhou donated some books, washing goods and cleaning products. We held a funny sport meeting, and all the children of the village showed great passion and interest in matches, and they had a good time in their own holiday.

Best wishes from SOS Children’s Village Kaifeng, China!

Yours sincerely,

Lin Yuzhen – Village Director

Yang Zhaofeng – Sponsorship Secretary