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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Draria, Algeria

Children from Draria, Algeria
Children from Draria, Algeria

A child sponsorship report from Draria in Algeria. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear Sponsors

It is always with a great pleasure that we give you updated information about the Children’s Village of Draria, Algiers.

During this year, we recorded the utilization of four new family houses by the new mothers who benefited from the course of initial training. They were given the opportunity to be responsible of the arrangement and the decoration of their houses. This initiative aimed the strengthening of their commitment, personalizing and appropriating their places.

In order to guarantee an educational quality care within the new houses, the Village committee set up a strategy of progressive admission; hence, the number of children, by family house, will be 5 children in the beginning of the opening, and will reach the full accommodation capacity (8 to 9 children by house) during year 2011. Thanks to these new houses, the Village increased their accommodation facility which has gone from 93 to 104 children: 3 children had joined their biological family because of the improvement of the situation of their biological mothers (marriage); a child, who was admitted in an urgency situation, was able to join his biological family, according to a decision of the judge.

The new 14 children, who are aged from 2 to 7 years old, have been “warmly” welcomed by their SOS mothers. The latter have organized a small ceremony where they prepared the “tamina”, a traditional sweet pastry made of semolina, butter and honey. With this “tamina”, they usually receive the new child in the family.

The new children come from several centres of single mothers and the nursery of Algiers after a long wait due to the administrative delay in the utilization of the new houses. The implementation and the follow-up of the process of admission facilitated the integration and the adaptation of the children.

These little “angels” have brought fresh “oxygen” to the Village. Since their admission, all the Village Community feels concerned and everyone tries in his/her way to get involved in the integration of the children by supporting the new mothers. We feel relieved and reassured to see the dynamics around these new houses.

Several activities were led by the children: the choir is always active and has enriched its directory of music and songs, thanks to a donation of new instruments. We will create soon a real small orchestra under the leadership of a music professor and an SOS mother. On May 26th of this year, the Embassy of Austria organizes in the Village a concert of classical music. All children are waiting with impatience for this concert especially the new musical group which will be constituted very soon.

During the school spring vacation, the children have actively participated in the “Show of the Child” through activities of songs and theater which had for main theme "the rights of the Child and the Environmental Protection ". This show which is very promising has proved that our children are very talented. Further, it has helped raising awareness and the membership of the visitors in our mission for the benefit of the children.

Besides, a private institution specialized in teaching foreign languages "ALC ", has organized, for the benefit of our children, a masked ball to reward and encourage the most convincing school achievement.

Moreover, during the Knowledge Day which is celebrated on April 16th, 2010, the Association “the flame of the orphan" has invited all Children for an artistic and a cultural activity.

The Village has also organized the inter-classes cultural activities for the Children and the youngsters who are in exam classes; a symbolic gift was given to the participants.

The preparations for the celebration of the anniversary of the Village which will be on June 23rd continue under the responsibility of the SOS Mothers and the Educators.

The quarterly evaluation of the school achievement, following the school strategy that has been organized for 4 years now, allowed a regular adjustment to maintain the constant improvement of the performances of our children: 6 children with school difficulties are placed in a special school in Tizi-Ouzou (120 km from Algiers). They are more stable and showed a neat improvement at all levels: personal, social and intellectual. These children return regularly to their families in the Village, once a month, but also during national, religious holidays and spring/winter vacation.

For the celebration of the International Children’s Day, on June 1st, the Village, in partnership with the” Association Française de Picardie” “la maison anglaise”, prepares an exhibition of painting of modern art, supervised by the painter Salim Le Kouaghet. The varnishing and the exhibition will take place in the national museum of modern art of Algiers in the presence of our friends and of our donors.

During the first quarter of year 2010, the Family Strengthening Programme took care of 320 children in three programmes (Algiers, Tizi Ouzou and Tipaza). We have noticed an important improvement in school achievement. This was possible because we did provide remedial classes for children. A specific remedial teaching is offered to the children in exam classes.

To reach the objectives of our Programme, partnership conventions were signed with local Associations activating in each area as well as with Organizations on community base. We made an agreement with our partners to emphasize the quality of the services offered to the children and to the families of the programme. 

It should be noted that there is a great participation and involvement of the heads of the family with regard to the implementation of the activities of the programme. 100 % of the families of the programme have been educated to be more aware to protect better their children. Two Families of the programme have obtained, with our support toward the adequate services, a loan which will allow them to create a money-making activity such as preparing homemade bread and couscous. This experience will be duplicated with the other women and / or families of the programme. 

By the end of July, fifteen families which have benefited from the different programme services, and have understood and assimilated the objectives of autonomy, will be ready to leave the programme and be on their own.
The 54 young people of youth facilities and semi-independent accommodation are growing up: those who have been oriented toward professional training have eventually found their way in the catering trade, fishing and the aluminium joinery. All children study hard to prepare the exams of the end of the year. There are two national entry exams: one to enter junior high school (8 pupils), and the second one to go to the university (4 teenager girls).  Remedial courses are provided to give opportunity to all to succeed. Our girl, who got married in last December (2009) is waiting for a happy event and is very satisfied in her new life. Her SOS mother prepares the trousseau for the baby expected in September 2010.

Within a difficult context, especially in housing, and with our assistance, our 7 young people who are in the process of social integration pursue prospecting in order to find housing and stable jobs.

During spring vacation, a happy initiative was undertaken to the advantage of the young people of 2 youth homes, by a man and female educators to organize a stay in a youth hostel nearby the sea. It was gracefully offered by the Direction of the Youth and the Sports to reward them for good school achievement during the 1st quarter 2010.

The Nursery receives 73 children among whom 27 are of the Village. It has a big role in the preschool care of the children of the Village and the Family Strengthening Programme. The provided services are regularly assessed.  In order to serve at best the interests of the children, the early screening and the psychological investigations are done by a psychologist who comes twice a week to insure a qualitative treatment.

Our co-workers participate in workshops organized by the Ministry of the Solidarity to review the system of the care of children who are placed in institution. We are actively involved in this programme; as a matter of fact, the governmental authorities are inspired by our family care model to apply it in public institutions.

On behalf of all the children and young people of the Village, we thank you for the interest that you have toward the cause of the children and for your loyalty.