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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Cordoba, Argentina

Mother and child from Cordoba, Argentina
Mother and child from Cordoba, Argentina

A child sponsorship report from Cordoba in Argentina. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear friend,

Please receive warm greetings from our SOS Children’s Village Córdoba! Once again we have the opportunity to come closer to you hereby and to tell you about the boys, girls and youngsters of our SOS families, as also to share with you the activities done along this period. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank you once more from the bottom of our heart for your generous contribution, which enables us to give the children a new home, a family and a better education. 

At the present time 90 boys, girls and youngsters are part of our families at the SOS Children’s Village, as nine of them live with their SOS mother Marisa at an external house. Also, at the SOS Youth Home space there are seven young women living.

During the summer recess, boys, girls and youngsters of the SOS Children’s Village of Córdoba took the chance to rest from their academic school works as their recreational, sportive and artistic extracurricular ones taken during the 2009, to participate at several and different activities and events offered. This has also been a time to share, to chat, to play, to relax and to stay within family. Among the activities given, we can highlight those guided by a group of volunteers belonging to an international organization, which come into the Village twice a week to lead and arrange playful and creative rooms for games. At those spaces, children have the opportunity to create handicrafts and to exercise their mobility; and perform team games, promoting cooperation and confidence. Thus a nine-year-old girl tells us: ‘The nicest thing about the vacations was to spend more time with my family, and to take part at the game space. There we did some activities with balloons and played basketball. This was just great’.

The children also had the opportunity to enjoy together with their families, the waters at the swimming pool of a club located near the SOS Children’s Village. This activity was very popular among all children, since it implied to share a different space and with other boys and girls, and with their SOS aunts and mothers. An 11-year-old girl stated: ‘The swimming pool was the most fun thing of the vacations; I took the opportunity to play more with my friends and to have a good time’. It is of essential significance for each boy and girl to find and dedicate some time to recreational and playful activities, since it implicates the development of their imagination, their creativity and their potential as a human being. In addition, to mention is the importance of this kind of activities also contributing to the interchange with people and members of the neighbourhood around the SOS Children’s Village of Córdoba, favouring the social integration and insertion of our boys and girls, and promoting thus feeling to be part of a society they actually belong to.

During the summer vacations too, one SOS family got the wonderful chance to spend some days in Alta Gracia, a city at the inner Córdoba, with beautiful landscapes and camping places, rivers and mountains. The children enjoyed nice days at their SOS mother’s cottage, and shared outings around, long chats and table games.

Within the first months of this year, 2010, the SOS Children’s Village of Córdoba expectantly received five new SOS aunts: Claudia and Yolanda, Virginia, Alejandra and Isabel, who all started their work with high commitment and engagement.

We also had the pleasure to welcome Damián López, an argentine cyclist who is travelling around the world, promoting and communicating the mission of SOS Children’s Villages. Damián shared his stories and anecdotes from his long trip with the children and youngsters, as experiences he lived at several SOS Children Villages all around the world.

By the month of March, boys and girls have started a new school year with enthusiasm and during the weeks before the school beginning, they prepared all their school apparel with their SOS mothers. The beginning of school is a very special moment to all children, mainly for the younger ones starting elementary. Also for the elder ones, it is an exciting moment: expecting a year with new teachers, schoolmates and challenges. The children started their extracurricular schedules too; among them, we can mention participation at the Boy Scout group, the hockey or soccer team, as the ‘salsa’ or Arabic dance groups, and the English and informatics classes. 

By the time around Easter, a group of SOS mothers and aunts, as boys, girls and youngsters of the SOS Children’s Village of Córdoba, got the marvellous idea to undergo this date as an occasion to come closer to each other, through preparing a huge quantity of Easter eggs to share among all. The idea came up at the family where SOS mother Claudia is in charge. Under the perspective this on a future to be a possibility to develop as a small business or a real working opportunity for the youngsters, the members of the SOS family decided to make chocolate Easter eggs, purchasing the chocolate, the candies and necessary molds. During the communities meeting held before the festivities and where all SOS mothers and aunts regularly take part, SOS mother Claudia happily invited to the others to sum up to the initiative, helping of different manners, as buying new molds, more chocolate and candies to decorate, or collaborating at the preparation and decoration of the eggs. Thus, not only the SOS mothers and aunts joined at several instances of the process, but also youngsters belonging to other SOS families. Claudia tells us: ‘The thing I really best liked was that the adolescents were there; it was very important that they also took part at this activity.’

On Easter Sunday, the same children and youngsters who participated at the elaboration were in charge to hand out the eggs to the other children of the Village. They proceeded from house to house with their baskets filled with eggs and were warmly received at ever SOS family. The experience of manufacturing eggs transcended the pastry practice itself, since it was supported by great values shared at the SOS Children’s Village’s community: collaboration, devotion, solidarity, comradeship, mutual support, teamwork and trust.

The SOS Youth Community has also been protagonist of great changes, since they moved to a new housing. The relocation brought along important modifications at the group. The youngsters nevertheless adapted well to the new organization and room division at the house, as to the changes at the group’s dynamics implied. All young women keep on working hard among their youth leader, in view of their studies to finish successfully, to eventually work and finally to reach their autonomy and independence.

We hope that we could give you an overview of our daily work through this report. We say good-bye, handing over kind greetings to you, on behalf of the entire community of the SOS Children’s Village Córdoba, which also sincerely thanks you for your support and generosity.

Warmest regards,

Cecilia Rosacher
Social worker

Veronica B. Hohla
Sponsorship Coordinator