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Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Benguela, Angola

Children from Benguela, Angola
Children from Benguela, Angola

A child sponsorship report from Benguela in Angola. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear sponsor,

It’s with great pleasure and consideration that I greet you all in the name of our 121 children and 76 workers of the SOS Children’s Village, Benguela would like to inform you regards to the latest growth in our village.

The village of Benguela hadn’t suffer any natural disaster that would threaten our children and the community around although with the normal weather (25ºc/33ºc) everyone in the village enjoys significant and comfort lives all thanks to God.

Family Houses

There are 121 (Male 68 and Female 53) children living in Benguela SOS Children’s Village with 13 family houses so far.

The children are aged from 6 months to 16 years old from which 24 are teenagers aged from 13 to 16 years old. 

Throughout the year, (January), 6 biological brothers among them one triplet of 4 months old, were admitted in our village.

Some Government representatives in the social area, the children’s relatives and Doctors responsible for the new born babies were presents that day. The SOS mothers, aunts, children and SOS workers welcomed them happily.

We registered two kids out of the Programme after discovering that they are vulnerable children and their parents are not mentally disturbed and neither experience financial problems. They are capable to take care of them.

We gladly inform you that we were honoured with lots of visitors. Some of them are:

  • Our Excellency, Governor`s daughter, Núria e Eurídice da Cruz Neto.
  • Ex footballer Luis Figo, Mr. Deputy, Akwa and his delegation.
  • Mr. Christian Hosmani, Sweden SOS Director and Mr. Alam, SOS International Journalist.
  • General office Africa, Ms. Leutloa Moteetee and the Regional Director, coordinator of Family Strengthening Programme and many others who brought proud and happiness to our SOS Children’s Village.

SOS School

According to the low 6 of the Responsibility of the Government, the SOS School has being functioning for five years now.

In the present year, classes started on 1st February this year. The school has got 30 teachers lecturing grade one (1) to grade nine (9). In total there are 792 learners (13% are children of the SOS Village, 87% are from the community and 59 learners registered in the sponsorship on the Family Strengthening Programme. The school has 12 classrooms (2 laboratory class and 1 for computer course) with two periods (morning and afternoon).

The good news is, on the on 6th April of the current year, we had lastly introduced the Cooking/Culinary Course which is managed in one of the classes at SOS School. There 33 learners frequenting the course among those 8 are children from the SOS Village.

On April 4th (Peace Day), was presented an exposition of artistic drawing done by some school learners from grade six (6) to nine (9) of the Technical Drawing Subject.

On the 1st May (International Workers Day), a cleaning campaign was done around the all school by all learners from grade three (3) to nine (9).

SOS Nursery

The nursery has the responsibility to orientate 110 children from 3 to 5 years old registered this year. It has 4 classrooms are divided according to their ages. Four (4) teachers and two (2) eventual ones, have the pleasure to guide, by teaching them. During the 1st Trimester they lectured the following themes: Discovering yourself, the hygiene, the climate station, and others.

The nursery has relevant activities. On the Mother’s Day, the children gives special attention by presenting beautiful manual work to their mothers. 

On 21st May, our nursery was visited by the Sagrado Coração de Jesus Nursery from Lobito. Together they exchanged songs, poems and different dances.

On 1st June, we celebrated the International Children’s Day with the presence of the children’s parents. Different activities such as: education, the cutting the cake and having lunch with their parents. We had the massive presence of the Parent’s Commission Organization, who sponsored the Yetu Ice Cream and their servers who kindly distributed ice cream to all the kids in the nursery.

On 16th June, African Children’s Day, the organization was more restricted. Only the children dressed up of African typical dressings. We had a drama presented by the Outros Horizontes group who demonstrated important themes such as: body hygiene, plant’s preservation and obedience. All the attention are turned to the children so that they may grow developing an acceptable behaviour and to have a qualified education.

Health Centre

The SOS Health Centre is where everything concerning health is done to the SOS Village and the community, especially to Kapiandalo and Kawango the neighbor ones.

During the year, the Health Centre attended more than 1710 beneficiary. We also realized general activities such as: workshops with the mothers, training and handing out 12 thermometers to the SOS mothers to measure the children’s temperature whenever they feel sick were some of this year activities.

Apart from the normal checkups, the Health Centre was privileged chosen by the National Cuban Healthier to effectuate Ophthalmology Checkups to everyone with a site problem in the SOS Village and the community.

We expanded the activities of the Health Centre to the Administration of Zone F and churches for attendance to the public.

Happily we were visited by the Women Deputies of the National Assembly of the 7ª and 9ª Commission; Health Directors of the MINARS; Provincial Director of the Analysis Department, Medical Assistance, tablets, equipments and his team. The objective for the visit was to evaluate the needs of the SOS health Centre in terms of tablets, laboratory equipment and the structure where the laboratory will be functioning.

Family Strengthening Programme

It is with great satisfaction to inform you that the Benguela Family Strengthening Programme works with 55 families, totalling 207 beneficiaries. This is the largest Community Programme Organization. Estimating, it may grow to 5 more families into the Programme shown by the last data recently realized.

The Programme also gives educational support to 59 sponsored children at SOS School, 15 in the SOS Nursery and 40 more in different schools in the community.

We have agricultural field in the SOS School and most difficulties faced by the families has decreased and we also have a Family Association who works with fishing cooperative that daily takes fish to their families making it a way of employment and their daily responsibilities by selling some to the community in general.

In this moment, 5 families’ beneficiated in the micro-credit and 65 children are beneficiating of a basic feeding kit by the Programme.

One more time, thank you for the support to the SOS Children’s Village, Benguela, especially the children. May God be with you always.

Benguela, 26th July 2010

Laureta Kuvaleka
SOS Children`s Village Benguela
Sponsorship Secretary