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Central African Republic
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The charity began its work in Central African Republic (CAR) in 1992 with the opening of the first SOS Children's Village in Bangui. SOS Children's Villages runs a HIV prevention programme through its school and the Medical and Social centres in Bangui, and helps nearly 6,000 orphaned children. … more about our charity work in Central African Republic

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Bangui, Central African Republic

Children from Bangui, CAR
Children from Bangui, CAR

A child sponsorship report from Bangui, Central African Republic. Written in 2010.

Please note: This report may have been written by someone whose first language is not English.  We have left it largely unedited, as this is how a sponsor would receive it.

Dear sponsor,

Under the control of the National Direction of the Project SOS, the Children’s Village of Bangui in spite of the political and military crisis that the country knew, continue do everything for welcoming the children in distresses. It‘s pointing out by the increasing number of the children admitted in the SOS Children’s Village Bangui.

So, for the first semester of the year 2010, several actions have been led with success with the support of the National Direction and partners.

In the educational domain, the following objectives have been pursued and reached:

  • Admission of five children (girls and boys) as regularization: These children in difficulty have been registered in the Village and the staff assigned to help them in their integration is mobilized themselves for their integration. All children of the village were happy to this new admission and also participated to the social and psychological integration of their new brothers and sisters.  
  • Psychological and financial support: This support has been provided to two SOS young named in difficult situation; they had mental troubles. But with the help of village they are a bit well.
  • Human resources Development: sessions of formation have been organized to the staffs’ intention in partnership with the Central African agency of the Professional Formation.  
  • Rehabilitation: the Painting of the familial houses and the administrative buildings have been redone for giving bright to the village. 

Concerning the integration in the middle, the SOS Children’s Village of Bangui maintained good relations with its neighbours through the invitations of the notables and Chiefs of the district to the different ceremonies of the Village as the sporty meetings at the time of the soccer matches between SOS mothers and the selection of the women of the district and those of the children and young of Gbangouma.

Important Events

  • Involvement of the SOS Children’s Village of Bangui into the realization of the inauguration of the SOS Children’s Village of Bouar;  
  • Welcome of the Swedish friends, the regional Director and the continental director come in the setting of the inauguration of the SOS Children’s Village of Bouar;  
  • Meeting with the team of the UNICEF;  
  • Visit of the village and presentations of socio cultural activities (sketches, poems, recitals, songs) by the central African artist comedian named Malepopo
  • Admission of five children in complement
  • Celebration of the woman's International day;  
  • Grant of the President of Republic His Excellence The General François Bozize in Pickup Toyota Ilux to the children of the Village of SOS children of Bangui;  
  • Welcome of the Young Catholics of the Life tree;  
  • Donation of ping-pong to the children of the Village by Mr Olusegun of the UNHCR;  
  • Donation of second hand clothes of Miss Madaleine to the children of the Village;  
  • Donation of carcasses of beefs to the village to the children of the village by Mr Mbaya Veke Vincent,

Outside of the activities of the Village of SOS Children of Bangui and his/her/its supplementary units to know the SOS Primary school, the medical centre, the garden of child and the community of the young, the programme of backing of the Family of SOS does a work of proximity by the families, orphans and other children made vulnerable by the VIH/SIDA(OEV) recipients of the Programme through a regular follow-up. He/it moves toward precise objectives, to know,:

  • To provide some services essential to the children in the following domains: education, health, nutrition and legal protection.
  • To develop the capacities of the families to take itself/themselves in charge and to take in charge the OEV: acquirement of the knowledge, management of the incomes and development of the generating activities of income.
  • To develop the capacity of the community to warn the phenomenon of abandonment of children.

The Difficulties

  • Permanent diversion of electricity;
  • Frequent cut of water;
  • Instability of the homes of the young through the renting of house.
  • Vandalism;
  • Weak capacity of welcome of the Village of Bangui.

The Perspectives

  • Backing of the actions of making autonomous the families and the community;
  • Backing of the capacity of welcome of the village;
  • Construction of the lodgings to shelter the young in phase of social rehabilitation;
  • Fence of the Village to avoid the phenomenon of vandalism;
  • Growth of the number of friends and partners.

Doctor ISSA GADENGA Armand

National Director